Sustainable chemical Supply Chain Conference, 2023

Connecting the Dots: Building a Stronger Chemical Supply Chain Together

4th August 2023


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Welcome to the Sustainable Chemical Supply Chain Conference, 2023!

The first ever Sustainable Chemical Supply Chain Conference 2023, will bring together the industry leaders and experts to discuss and address the evolving landscape of global chemical and petrochemical supply chains.

As supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and interconnected, they also face a myriad of challenges that demand attention and initiative from industry stakeholders.

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what to expect?

Business Transformation and Supply Chain Leadership from Global Chemical Industry

Get a chance to meet and network with the global supply chain leaders who are harnessing the power of supply chain management to drive change.

Collaborative Supply Chain (PLAN, SOURCE, MAKE, DELIVER) Strategies for the Future

Learn how to be agile in addressing the environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges. Learn about sustainable practices, circular economy, and responsible sourcing.

Innovative Ways of Price Trend Monitoring and Procurement

Through ChemAnalyst, discover the tools and resources available that can revolutionize your procurement strategies. Explore how precise and accurate data can drive informed decision-making and unlock new opportunities in the supply chain.

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