Versalis starts up Italian EPDM expansion

  • 18-Sep-2018 9:00 PM
  • Journalist: Patrick Knight

The Italian speciality chemicals company Versalis S.p.A has started a new EPDM production plant in Ferrara, Itlay. This project will be valued at INR 19017.6584 Million which will include the introduction of a new production line as well as the modernization of the existing parts of elastomer plant.

The new expansion project will add approximately 50,000 metric tons production capacity per year to the elastomer plant which already produces 100,000 tons elastomers every year.

The EPDM thus produced from the new plant will be market by Versalis under the brand name of Dutral and it will majorly meet the demand from automotive industry. 


Certain properties of EPDM like durability, resistance to aging, and mechanical as wellm as elastic strength lead to its use in a wide range of applications such as in construction, automotive, roof insulation, etc.


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