Agilyx and Ineos Make Waves in Sustainable Recycling with Their Latest Channahon PS Project

  • 4-Apr-2023
  • Journalist: Jaideep

USA: Agilyx and Ineos Styrolution are making progress with their PS chemical recycling initiative in Illinois, USA. They have projected the completion of engineering this year, which will serve as the foundation for their final investment decision. Upon completion, the plant will have the capacity to handle 100 t/d of post-consumer PS.

Progress is being made by Agilyx and Ineos Styrolution in their PS chemical recycling project located in Channahon, Illinois, USA. The project's engineering is expected to be finalized this year, serving as the framework for the ultimate investment decision. Agilyx has teamed up with French engineering company Technip Energies to amplify the technology. They jointly launched TruStyrenxy technology in April 2022, which merges Agilyx's pyrolysis process with Technip Energies' cutting-edge purification technology.

Agilyx to utilize some of the private placement funds raised in September to support the TruStyrenyx plant, which is set to revolutionize Polystyrene recycling with its highly efficient, circular solution that produces an exceptional degree of purity. Once operational, the plant will have the capacity to process up to 100 t/d of post-consumer PS. However, no timeline has been provided by either company on the expected commissioning date.

In September 2017, Agilyx and Ineos Styrolution entered into a joint development agreement to create a chemical recycling process for the depolymerization of PS into styrene monomer. After two years, the project was announced at Channahon, with the companies successfully qualifying the post-consumer PS feedstock for the process, as well as meeting Ineos' specifications for the styrene output.

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