HENKEL and SHELL Ink Agreement to Use Renewable-Based Ingredients for PERSIL, PUREX and ALL Brands.

  • 18-Jan-2023
  • Journalist: Jaideep

Dusseldorf, Germany: Henkel and Shell Chemical LP strike deal to replace 200,000 Tonnes of fossil feedstocks with renewable alternatives for popular laundry product brands, including Persil, Purex and all. surfactants help eliminate grime and leave clothes fresh.

“This landmark cooperation significantly advances Henkel’s share of renewable-based ingredients in leading consumer brands in North America,” said Ulrike Sapiro, Chief Sustainability Officer at Henkel. “This is an important, concrete step toward realizing our vision of a regenerative planet through a climate-friendly business model. Working together with partners like Shell will help get us there faster.”

Shell and Henkel Team Up to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 120,000 Tonnes with Renewable Feedstocks: Beginning in 2023, Shell will use a combined manufacturing process with up to 200,000 tonnes of renewable feedstocks and fossil feedstocks to produce surfactants. An independent accounting process is applied via the mass balance approach which enables Shell to solely attribute the total tonnes of renewable feedstocks used in the process to Henkel. This mass balance process and attribution will be verified by an independent, third-party certification organization.

“A mass balance approach is an important step to support the growth of more sustainable raw materials being used in the supply chain and support a reduction in the overall mix of fossil-based ingredients,” said Jillaine Dellis, Vice President, Sustainability & Industry Relations, Henkel Consumer Brands, North America. “We are delighted to enhance the sustainability of our top-selling consumer brands in North America through this transition to renewable-based ingredients while offering the same outstanding cleaning performance and fabric care our consumers have come to expect from Henkel.”

Robin Mooldijk, Executive Vice President, Shell Chemicals and Products said, “This agreement represents Shell’s first-of-its-kind commercial scale deal for renewable-based chemicals anywhere in the world. I’m pleased to be working with Henkel and helping it take important steps towards achieving its sustainability goals.”

Shell Announces Plans to Use Independently Certified Sustainable Feedstocks in Louisiana: Shell will be producing surfactants at the Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Norco and Shell Geismar Chemicals facility in Louisiana, utilizing independently certified sustainable feedstocks.

Mooldijk added, “Our collaboration with Henkel is a fantastic example of the opportunity for future growth. We are investing in our chemicals facilities, including on the U.S. Gulf Coast, to scale up Shell’s sustainable chemicals capabilities and deliver the integrated and sustainable offers our customers increasingly want.”

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