INEOS Commits to Using 100% Renewable Energy at its Norwegian Plants

  • 1-May-2023
  • Journalist: Jaideep

Norway [Europe]: INEOS Olefins & Polymer Europe recently announced their agreement with Skagerak Energitjenester to provide their Rafnes and Bamble plants in Norway with 100% renewable energy. This pact, along with the recently announced INEOS Inovyn deal, implies that all INEOS assets located in Norway will now be powered by 100% green energy derived from hydroelectric production. The Rafnes facility produces Ethylene which has numerous applications. One of which is the production of Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) at the Bamble site adjacent to it.

INEOS has opted to use renewable power to reduce the carbon footprint of its LDPE grades, which are commonly used in the production of beverage cartons, medical bottles, and food packaging seals. This move can decrease the carbon footprint of a typical LDPE grade by as much as 30%.

In line with its focus on renewable energy, INEOS Rafnes and Bamble have selected us as their supplier of 100% green power for the long term. This collaboration is aimed at supporting INEOS in reaching its renewable energy goals and contributing to the overall green transition of the Norwegian industry.

As part of its initiative to lower greenhouse gas emissions, INEOS O&P Europe has agreed to its newest renewable power deal. INEOS plans to invest €4 billion in a new Ethane cracker with less than 50% of CO2 emissions compared to any existing European cracker. The launch of this project is expected in 2026. This deal is a significant milestone in achieving the overall goal of reducing emissions by 33% by 2030. The company remains committed to implementing practical solutions that aid customers in their pursuit of a more sustainable future.

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