Inobat and Gotion Partner to Develop EV Battery Cells and Packs in Central and Eastern Europe

  • 8-Feb-2023
  • Journalist: Jaideep

Europe: InoBat and Hefei Gotion High-Tech Power Energy Co., Ltd (“Gotion”) have come together to explore the potential for a Joint Venture in revolutionizing EV battery or lithium-ion batteries and energy storage technologies. As Europe's premier provider of premium batteries for electric vehicles, and China's leader in innovative battery and energy storage solutions, this agreement signals an exciting opportunity to shape the future of these crucial industry components.

InoBat and Gotion announced they would be working together to explore several key topics of interest. They will combine their technical superiority and complementary capabilities, as well as align their sustainability ethos in the process. This collaboration is expected to bring promising results.

InoBat and Gotion have partnered up in a strategic agreement that will give both companies the chance to work together and benefit each other's areas of expertise. InoBat will gain from Gotion's experience in electric storage solutions (“ESS”), while Gotion will profit from InoBat's established manufacturing sites and market connections in Europe. By collaborating on mutually beneficial projects, the two companies are hoping to innovate technologies to speed up the transition to green energy.

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