Mito Unveils Graphene Products in Partnership with Forrest Technical Coatings

  • 5-Apr-2023
  • Journalist: Jaideep

U.S.: Mito Material Solutions, a specialty chemical company based in the US, has unveiled its first-ever ready-to-use graphene product. This noteworthy achievement comes on the heels of the company being awarded the prestigious functionalized graphene status by the Graphene Council. Mito has collaborated with industrial coatings manufacturer Forrest Technical Coatings to develop hybrid additives that are now available for purchase. The additives leverage Mito's patented technology platform to feature both physical and chemical bonding points.

Mito has launched two easily usable products - Mito E-Go Res-1, a laminating Epoxy resin, and Mito Tri-Hdnr-1, an Epoxy hardener. While these products can be used independently, their optimized formulas work best when combined.

Mito's dedication to facilitating manufacturers who seek to incorporate functionalized graphene into their products is exemplified by the Mito Res-1 and Tri-Hdnr offerings. With the addition of these product lines, manufacturers are empowered to explore graphene's endless possibilities and engineer products like lightweight boats, snowboards, bicycles, and beyond. The aim is to reduce the barriers to entry and allow more flexibility for manufacturers in building better products using the potential of graphene.

Mito's latest collaboration involves partnering with Forrest Technical Coatings, a prominent formulator in the sports industry. The suggestion to team up with Forrest was made by Folsom Skis, a current client of Mito. With the suggestion in mind, Mito and Forrest collaborated to develop a ready-to-pour resin mix for sports industry companies using compression molding manufacturing techniques. The resin mix features E-Go, an additive produced by Mito, which is pre-mixed in an approximate 1-to-1000 ratio with Forrest's popular polymer. The goal of the partnership is to simplify the production process and make it easier for companies to adopt this innovative solution.

Mito claims that their products have undergone laboratory verification and offer improvements in strength, durability, flexibility, functionality, and sustainability for fiber-reinforced composites and thermoplastics. E-Go, a functionalized graphene additive offered by Mito, has undergone rigorous audits and third-party testing to ensure product consistency and quality at commercial scale, providing customers with confidence in its performance.

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