Morrow Batteries and Arkema will Work on Electrolyte Compositions for High-Voltage Batteries

  • 7-Feb-2022
  • Journalist: Jaideep

In the last week of January 2022, the Colombes-based French specialty chemicals giant Arkema and the Norway-based Morrow batteries have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU’s) regarding the development, screening, and testing of novel electrolytes for the formulation of next-generation high voltage batteries. The development was based on the Morrow cobalt-free high-voltage spinal (LNMO) technology and Arkema’s proprietary ultra-pure Lithium-electrolyte salts.

The Norwegian battery manufacturers Morrow Batteries claims to be the first in the world to commercialize a battery operating with the LNMO technology as the active cathode material. The LNMO is a feasible technology with lower carbon footprints in comparison to batteries with similar efficiencies in terms of performance. The common objective of these two companies is to commercialize one of the most cost-effective and sustainable batteries with the potential to significantly reduce the cost of battery cells by 15-25% compared to current prices. This partnership will also explore the usage of Arkema’s renewable PVDF grade with carbon derived from the bio-feedstock for the first generation of battery cells produced by Morrow. In additional steps, they also develop a water-based LNMO cathode manufacturing process using Arkema’s PVDF aqueous binders.

The CTO of Morrow Batteries stated that “ Even the most advanced electrolyte formulation on the global market is currently not focusing on the in a battery containing LNMO and graphite. Arkema can today offer exceptional Lithium salts with the highest ionic conductivity that are stable even at high operating voltages of LNMO and can improve the performance of our large format cells. Whereas, Arkema recently inaugurated its center of excellence dedicated to batteries at Pierre-Benite Research center in Lyon (France).     

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