Revolutionizing the Battery Manufacturing Industry, Sakuu & Porsche Take it to the Next Level

  • 24-Jan-2023
  • Journalist: Jaideep

San Jose (California): Sakuu, a 3D printed solid-state battery manufacturer, has partnered with Porsche Consulting to design its groundbreaking gigafactory for commercial production of Lithium-metal and solid-state battery products. The agreement guarantees that Sakuu will have access to the specialized knowledge of the subsidiary of luxury carmaker Porsche, thus enabling them to build a world-class facility capable of creating enough energy storage per year by 2030 to meet their ambitious 200GWh goal. This collaboration marks the beginning of an exciting new venture for both companies.

“We’re thrilled to become an integral part of Sakuu’s journey as it embarks on building gigafactories that break all norms in commercial-scale energy manufacturing,” stated Gregor Harmann, CEO of Porsche Consulting, North America. “Their seminal and scalable additive manufacturing approach can bring incredible innovation to major industries transitioning to new energy solutions, automotive and beyond.”

Sakuu has enlisted the services of Porsche Consulting, who are renowned for their mastery in large-scale factory design, especially with regards to the automotive industry. This partnership is set to bring forth a new generation of gigafactories that exemplify sustainability and optimal production efficiencies, while also being highly scalable and able to be utilized globally.

The first facility will cater to Sakuu's line of high energy density Lithium-metal batteries, followed by an array of pioneering Kavian platform plants created to manufacture the SwiftPrint solid-state battery series through sophisticated multi-material additive manufacturing techniques.

“With respect for its deep expertise in automotive plant ideation and execution, we ultimately selected Porsche Consulting due to our belief that its team exhibits mastery in designing large-scale manufacturing plants, start to finish,” stated Robert Bagheri, founder, and CEO at Sakuu. “We look forward to breaking ground on our first Gigafactory with Porsche Consulting’s contributions and support.”

In November 2022, Arwed Niestroj, SVP of Customer Enablement at Sakuu, had an interview to discuss the company's progress and advancements such as new facilities and partnerships.

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