Advanced Bio-Based Raw Materials to Soon Hit the Automotive Industry, Solvay and Origin Materials to Collaborate

  • 22-Apr-2021
  • Journalist: Jaideep

Taking a solid step towards reducing carbon footprints in the global automotive sector, Origin Materials is all set to collaborate with Solvay to build highly advanced materials based on renewable raw materials for the automotive sector. Collaboration between Solvay and Origin Materials comes as a trailblazing stride in the automotive industry which is looking forward to undertaking a massive transition to net-zero global emissions by setting aggressive decarbonization targets.

These highly versatile and advanced automotive materials will include among others, a drop-in ready specialty Polyamide, a polymer that comes with properties like extraordinary stiffness and toughness, heat, corrosion, and high voltage resistant and which will be utilized for making automotive engines. Solvay has already entered into a multi-year capacity reservation agreement to develop specialty polyamides with high performance characteristics well suited for internal combustion engines as well as e-mobility systems like e-motors and power electronics.

Origin Materials is expected to employ its patented technology platform which converts inexpensive and sustainable wood residues into carbon-negative materials. Application of this technology is not limited to the automobile sector only, rather it can also be utilized in textiles, packaging and other key industries. Dependency on wood residues which are less volatile to the supply chains as compared to fossil-based resources, provides unique advantage to the Origin Materials in terms of both product sustainability materials and stable pricing environment.

Solvay, a global leader in chemicals and materials, will provide its leadership, expertise, and resources across the global supply chains to rapidly develop and industrialize the advanced materials range which will be based on Origin’s patented disruptive technology platform.

Headquartered in West Sacramento, a city in California, Origin Materials is the world's leading carbon negative materials company that has developed a platform for converting the carbon found in non-food biomass into useful materials and capture the carbon during the procedure. The company has taken a significant step in the Q1 of 2021 by signing an agreement with Artius Acquisition Inc, a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company for a business combination, which will make Origin Materials a public enterprise. Origin Materials’ first commercial plant is expected to turn operational by 2022 and the second commercial unit is expected to start by 2025.

According to both the companies, automotive raw materials based on renewable bio-based materials will be crucial to achieve the ambitious goal of zero-carbon car and automotive decarbonization. Companies believe that only electrification of vehicles will not achieve this bold goal and other significant overhauls are also imperative for reducing automotive carbon footprint and moving towards decarbonization. The historic collaboration to develop bio-based raw materials is a crucial move in that direction.

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