TotalEnergies and Ecolab Collaborate to Recycle the Packaging of Cleaning Products

  • 13-Feb-2023
  • Journalist: Jaideep

Together, TotalEnergies and Ecolab are launching plastic packaging made of recycled materials (Recycled High-Density Polyethylene, R-HDPE) that will help promote circularity in markets that use much packaging.

Beginning with the supply of TotalEnergies RE, a close collaboration to incorporate Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic (R-HDPE) into primary packaging for highly concentrated cleaning products culminated in this launch: Utilize the rPE6314 grade in the RE: Circular polymer portfolio in the MAXX S range for facility care.

It is part of a larger effort by both businesses to develop waste-reduction strategies that safeguard people, the environment, and businesses, by manufacturing packing materials made of PCR resins (R-HDPE).

"Providing environmentally friendly solutions without sacrificing performance is crucial to expanding the market for recycled plastics. According to Olivier Greiner, Vice President of Polymers Europe & Orient at TotalEnergies, "This collaboration with Ecolab is an excellent example of a value chain partnership aimed at enabling circularity for highly technical applications." It also fully contributes to our goal of producing 30% circular polymers by 2030.

Anja de Reus, Ecolab's VP of Sustainability Europe, stated, "The collaboration with TotalEnergies proves once again how important it is to create innovative partnerships to provide the best solutions." Ecolab is committed to continuously improving our packaging by providing our customers with products that minimize environmental impact and maximize the use of plastic. This is part of our commitment to provide value and an overall positive impact for every customer.

The RE: TotalEnergies rPE6314 use range, which is part of the RE: The clic circular polymer portfolio, combines high-performance booster resin with PCR (R-HDPE) to enable circularity while maintaining the same performance. As a result, it offers long-lasting options for bottles and medium-sized containers that can hold both liquids and solids. It is the best ready-to-use R-HDPE grade for blow molding applications due to its superior chemical resistance, consistency, natural color, low odor, and performance.

According to ChemAnalyst's market intelligence team, several European downstream companies are switching from virgin High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) films to recycled HDPE (R-HDPE) films for various reasons. The R-HDPE market, which is currently stable, is anticipated to experience a meteoric rise in the coming months and years as a direct result.

R-HDPE was traded in Germany during the second week of February 2023 for approximately USD 1,430 per MT (for light pellets grade) on a FOB-to-Hamburg basis. The company anticipates that the price of R-HDPE will decrease by approximately 2.44 percent per MT this month and begin experiencing growth from March 2023.

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