Visolis and Ginkgo Bioworks Join Forces to Supercharge Sustainable Fuel Production

  • 25-Apr-2023
  • Journalist: Jaideep

BOSTON [US]: Visolis, a company that utilizes advanced bioengineering and chemical catalysis to produce sustainable and Carbon-negative materials, has partnered with Ginkgo Bioworks. Ginkgo Bioworks is a company that is developing a platform for cell programming and biosecurity. This partnership will allow Visolis to utilize Ginkgo's vast capabilities in strain engineering to enhance an already-existing microbial strain. They aim to commercialize the production of a crucial feedstock ingredient used in the creation of bio-based Isoprene and sustainable aviation fuels.

The utilization of Isoprene as a major building block in the production of synthetic rubber at a commercial scale is well known. However, the large-scale production of bio-based Isoprene is a significant milestone in the quest for eco-friendly tire manufacturing. This breakthrough also marks a step towards more sustainable aviation fuel production, as Isoprene serves as a critical precursor for lower Carbon intensity, high-performance SAF.

Visolis is focused on producing molecules that offer greater energy density, improved engine compatibility, and lower viscosity than conventional SAF methods. By doing so, they are not only advancing the field of sustainable aviation, but also potentially paving the way for 100% eco-friendly fuels.

Partnering with Ginkgo to hasten progress towards commercial viability is a logical step in the pursuit of improving technology. Their extensive codebase of strains and pathway expertise can effectively shorten strain engineering cycles. Moreover, their scalable foundry capabilities further enhance their potential in this regard.

Visolis has successfully developed a ground-breaking process for producing bio-based Isoprene at scale despite the innate combustibility, volatility, and reactivity of the molecule. By employing a more stable intermediate and implementing a two-step manufacturing process, they have achieved more efficient and dependable production. Currently, Visolis has joined forces with Ginkgo to enhance the efficiency of the biomanufacturing process even further.

Visolis' unique approach in merging bioengineering and chemical processing has resulted in early achievements in scaling the production of Isoprene. Now, there is an opportunity to team up with Visolis and leverage synthetic biology to further perfect this sustainable and innovative process. This collaboration embodies the potential of bioengineering in creating positive change within the industry.

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