ABS Grants Approval in Principle for ECOLOG's Low-Pressure 40,000 m3 LCO2 Carrier Design
ABS Grants Approval in Principle for ECOLOG's Low-Pressure 40,000 m3 LCO2 Carrier Design

ABS Grants Approval in Principle for ECOLOG's Low-Pressure 40,000 m3 LCO2 Carrier Design

  • 11-Jun-2024 5:54 PM
  • Journalist: Gabreilla Figueroa

ABS has granted approval in principle (AIP) for ECOLOG Services Ltd.'s (ECOLOG) low-pressure, shallow-draft, environmentally friendly 40,000 cbm liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) carrier design.

The issuance of this AIP stems from extensive collaboration within a joint industry project focused on detailed design development, considering critical characteristics of LCO2, such as operational needs for low pressure and shallow draft. The design emphasizes energy integration while reducing greenhouse gas emissions to a minimum.

The project team comprised Hanwha Ocean Co., Ltd., responsible for the hull and cargo tank design, along with Babcock LGE, offering expertise in cargo handling systems and integration.

ABS conducted design reviews in compliance with the specifications outlined in ABS Marine Vessel Rules and the ABS Guide for Liquefied Gas Carriers with Independent Tanks.

"ABS is proud to utilize our extensive expertise as the leading classification society for gas carriers to support ECOLOG, Hanwha, and Babcock LGE in this groundbreaking design, contributing to the worldwide energy transition. The secure transportation of CO2 is integral to the carbon value chain, and we stand prepared to offer guidance on such initiatives to mitigate risks to the crew, vessel, and the environment," stated Panos Koutsourakis, ABS Vice President, Global Sustainability.

"As a mid-stream CO2 services company, ECOLOG is committed to achieving net zero emissions, advocating for urgent action on climate change."

ECOLOG has enriched this JIP with its expertise in cryogenic gas transportation and the integration of LCO2 shipping within the broader Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) supply chain. Assessing the impact of diverse CO2 compositions on the robustness and commercial viability of the containment and cargo handling system flexibility was a pivotal aspect of the AIP investigation.

ECOLOG is dedicated to constructing and managing a fleet of liquid CO2 carriers to cater to the burgeoning CCUS sector. ECOLOG's approach centers on linking hard-to-decarbonize emitters with economically viable sequestration locations and valuable re-use facilities, leveraging ECOLOG's midstream infrastructure, comprising vessels and terminals.

"ECOLOG is pioneering the development of the world's inaugural large-scale CO2 service platform within the CCUS supply chain. Our aspiration is to establish a business capable of liquefying, transporting, and storing 50 million tons of CO2 annually, globally," remarked Dr. Panos Deligiannis, Head of Shipping at ECOLOG.

Seung-Han Moon, Head of Engineering & Technology Unit at Hanwha Ocean, expressed, "The vessel, endorsed with AIP by ABS, represents a novel category of LCO2 carrier designed to transport substantial volumes of liquid CO2, promising significant enhancements in operational efficiency. Hanwha Ocean remains committed to advancing the development of ultra-large LCO2 carriers."

Michael Scott, Sales Director at Babcock LGE, remarked, "Engagement in this dynamic joint industry initiative extends our recent strides in CO2 shipping with Babcock LGE's ecoCO2® technology. Collaborating with ECOLOG, Hanwha Ocean, and ABS ensured the fine-tuning of our ecoCO2® solution to align with CCUS value chain criteria, encompassing shipping dynamics, terminal operations, cargo characteristics, and volumes. The issuance of this AIP signifies a pivotal milestone in decarbonization efforts, underscoring the critical importance of collaborative endeavors in shaping new ship designs, particularly in the present context."

ABS stands as the foremost classification authority for gas carriers, boasting over five decades of expertise. Spearheading the maritime sector's endeavors in comprehensive decarbonization and sustainability solutions, ABS sets a benchmark in industry leadership.

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