Acetic Anhydride Prices Gaining Stability In China, After Frequent Revisions
Acetic Anhydride Prices Gaining Stability In China, After Frequent Revisions

Acetic Anhydride Prices Gaining Stability In China, After Frequent Revisions

  • 08-Jun-2022 3:57 PM
  • Journalist: Nina Jiang

Shandong, China: The Acetic Anhydride prices in China are temporarily stagnant, though the momentum is upwards. The prices are in the soaring phase when you compare them with the average value of the commodity, but it has gained stability in their rising phase. This steadiness in prices has been continuing since the 25th of May. On the other hand, the prices of feedstock Acetic Acid have been approaching stability every passing day. Likewise, the Majority of the Acetic Acid derivatives are showcasing a stable pricing trend in China.

Easing lockdown restrictions and reducing port congestions can be one of the factors causing consistency in Acetic Acid derivative price value. After relaxation in port congestions, trading activities have improved and are generating sufficient offtake of products in the market. According to various trusted sources, the prices of Acetic Anhydride might be stable, but the inquiry about the product is showing an upward trajectory, along with supply tightens. Recently, the quotation of Acetic Anhydride has been adjusted in the domestic market of China, while the transaction price value was steady.

Earlier, the Acetic Anhydride market has fluctuated and then get stabilized for this week. The start-up cost for Acetic Anhydride was somewhat lower than before. Furthermore, there is a need for customer procurement for downstream demand. In addition, raw material prices flickered for a while and are now approaching stability; upstream methanol has also become stable after flickering. All the factors mentioned above were behind the stability of Acetic Anhydride prices in its already surging phase.

As per ChemAnalyst anticipation, “This stagnancy in Acetic Anhydride is temporary and is subject to change and fluctuate in the upcoming days. The Acetic Anhydride market would depend upon the Acetic Acid price value and the downstream demand from end-user industries. Escalating crude oil prices and freight charges amidst Russia-Ukraine war tensions can also impact the Acetic Anhydride prices in China.”

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