Agilyx Partners with Kumho Petrochemical on Chemical Recycling Plant in South Korea

Agilyx Partners with Kumho Petrochemical on Chemical Recycling Plant in South Korea

  • 24-Aug-2021 1:53 PM
  • Journalist: Kim Chul Son

Agilyx Corp. which is a major plastic recycling company in the United States, has announced a partnership with Kumho Petrochemical which is a manufacturer of synthetic rubber in South korea to develop and construct a chemical recycling facility in South Korea. 

The project will be using Agilyx’s unique and novel chemical recycling technology for the production of pure Styrene from post use Polystyrene. The Styrene obtained from recycling will be used as virgin equivalent raw material to produce Solution Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SSBR) which is a major component for manufacturing tires. 

The project would include a new application for Agilyx’s Polystyrene depolymerization technology which is introduction of a new pathway for converting Polystyrene into SSBR. 

Agilyx is an early market leader in the advanced recycling of post use plastics which are difficult to recycle. Agilyx’s chemical recycling technology includes recycling of mixed plastic waste or streams of discrete post use plastics such as Polystyrene which is converted into new virgin equivalent plastics and chemical products and fuels. 

Kumho Petrochemical is one of the largest synthetic rubber manufacturing companies in the world. The company has footprints in various fields such as Synthetic Resins, Specialty Chemicals, Nano Carbon, Energy, and Building Materials. 

As Per ChemAnalyst, “the proposed partnership is aimed at capturing the increased global demand for recycled chemicals. Polystyrene depolymerization which produces styrene for the SSBR is a major plastic and with the tire industry growing at a healthy rate, the demand for recycled Styrene is expected to grow in the long term.”

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