Alpek Polyester Adjusts March PET Prices in US, Citing Increased Logistics Costs
Alpek Polyester Adjusts March PET Prices in US, Citing Increased Logistics Costs

Alpek Polyester Adjusts March PET Prices in US, Citing Increased Logistics Costs

  • 12-Feb-2024 6:20 PM
  • Journalist: Jacob Kutchner

Alpek Polyester has revealed its intention to implement a price increase for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) in the United States, set at 5 cents per pound (equivalent to USD 110.23 per tonne), effective from March 1, 2024. The decision to raise PET prices is attributed to the sustained challenges in logistics, particularly arising from ongoing disruptions in the Red Sea, which have reverberated across the market.

Recent developments have seen disruptions in logistics impacting US PET imports, with challenges manifesting in key transit routes such as the Red Sea, Panama Canal, and Suez Canal. These disruptions have exerted upward pressure on import prices, contributing to the decision by Alpek Polyester to adjust its pricing strategy.

Additionally, the market is currently gearing up for the anticipated peak demand season for bottled PET. Traditionally, this peak season commences in the second quarter, signalling the onset of the summer season. Historically, rising temperatures during this period have led to increased consumer purchases of bottled beverages, subsequently driving up the demand for PET in bottling applications.

Alpek Polyester's decision to raise PET prices reflects the intricate interplay of factors influencing the industry, with logistics disruptions serving as a prominent catalyst. The ongoing challenges in the Red Sea and other key transit routes have underscored the vulnerability of global supply chains, impacting various industries, including the PET sector.

Furthermore, the anticipation of a peak demand season for bottled PET introduces another layer of complexity to market dynamics. The historical trend of increased demand for bottled beverages during the warmer months’ places additional pressure on PET manufacturers to meet heightened consumer needs. This surge in demand adds to the considerations that PET producers like Alpek Polyester must weigh when implementing pricing adjustments.

The broader landscape of PET manufacturing in the United States involves key players such as DAK Americas, Indorama, Nan Ya Plastics Corporation, and Far Eastern New Century (FENC). As industry participants, these manufacturers are integral to the supply chain and contribute to shaping market dynamics. Their strategies and responses to challenges, such as logistics disruptions and seasonal demand fluctuations, play a crucial role in steering the trajectory of the PET sector.

Alpek Polyester's announcement of a PET price increase in the United States underscores the multifaceted challenges faced by the industry. The confluence of logistics disruptions and the imminent peak demand season for bottled PET necessitates strategic adjustments to ensure the resilience and sustainability of operations. As the PET market navigates these complexities, industry participants will continue to adapt and implement strategies to address the evolving landscape, ultimately shaping the trajectory of the sector in the coming months.

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