Altech Rushing Patented Anode Technology to Battery Market
Altech Rushing Patented Anode Technology to Battery Market

Altech Rushing Patented Anode Technology to Battery Market

  • 07-Feb-2023 5:23 PM
  • Journalist: Shiba Teramoto

Germany: Altech Chemicals is on track to successfully commission its Silumina Lithium-ion battery anode pilot scale plant in Saxony, Germany by the third quarter of 2023. The front-end wet plant has been completed and is currently undergoing commissioning. Construction of the back-end dryer and calciner has started in South Africa and these components are set to be installed before the final commissioning of the facility.

The company's groundbreaking materials are making waves in the Lithium-ion battery industry. Their patented high-capacity, high-purity Alumina coated Silicon and Graphite anodes are setting the standard for power storage. With the successful completion of their pilot plant, they’re now looking to scale up production to a 10,000 tonne per annum facility - as part of their Definitive Feasibility Study. This demonstrates their ongoing commitment to revolutionizing energy storage with cutting-edge technology.

Construction of the pilot plant is nearly complete and the necessary infrastructure, such as a laboratory, power supply and front-end wet circuit, has been secured. The pilot plant will produce 120kg of Silumina anodes each day for product testing by select battery makers. It is further planned that the full-scale production facility will be built on the same site alongside the existing pilot plant.

Altech is planning to use the product from its pilot plant to help with the qualification of its Silumina anode. The company's preliminary feasibility study for the pilot plant had a net present value of US$507 million.

Kuettner Engineering has successfully concluded the design process for the current DFS, allowing them to move forward with building and commissioning a pilot plant. This is being done alongside constructing and commissioning a full-scale production facility to reduce the time needed before reaching full-scale production. As per Altech's announcement, mass and energy balance calculations have already been conducted so that factory layouts can progress forward, and equipment procurement can be started.

Altech Batteries Limited is holding a shareholders vote on 21 February, to approve a name, change that better reflects their future direction - "Meeting a battery storage future". This is an exciting move as they work towards creating a more secure and sustainable energy supply.

Altech is making strides in battery technology with the Siluminaanode product and Cerenergy batteries being at the forefront of these efforts. Their Cerenergy batteries offer an eco-friendly grid power storage alternative to Lithium-ion batteries as they are made without Lithium, Copper Graphite, or Cobalt. Altech has even teamed up with Fraunhofer to create a 100MWh battery plant in Saxony Germany. Finally, Altech's high-purity Alumina project aims to feed into the production of both Lithium-ion and solid-state batteries for greater usage potential.

Altech Chemicals is driving forward with its cutting-edge technology as it looks to capitalize on the booming battery technology sector. The company has numerous active projects underway and is firmly placing itself in a leading position in this field.

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