AluminoSilicate Prices Shows Bearish Trend in Europe Due to Weak Demand
AluminoSilicate Prices Shows Bearish Trend in Europe Due to Weak Demand

AluminoSilicate Prices Shows Bearish Trend in Europe Due to Weak Demand

  • 13-Feb-2023 6:46 PM
  • Journalist: Li Hua

In January 2023, the price of AluminoSilicate witnessed a downward trend in the European region owing to moderate inflation, geopolitical tension, and low trading activities. This AluminoSilicate plays a vital role in the global construction, paints, and other key driving sectors. Shifting consumer preference in a projected economic downturn scenario and weak-cost pressure from raw materials decreased the cost of AluminoSilicate across Eurozone. Since the fourth quarter of 2022, there has been less demand from the downstream industry. End-use industry orders fell in January 2023 and will continue to fall in February 2023 due to lower consumer interest. Despite the continued demand pressure caused by rising interest rates and other commodity prices soaring, the German construction industry remained in contraction territory.

January 2023 saw standard material delivery and no disruptions to the supply chain. In the Eurozone, there were no energy shortages or disruptions to industrial operations due to the substantial natural gas storage. In the meantime, the commodities, including the AluminoSilicate market, were further supported by the low-cost pressure from the feedstock Sodium Silicate. The price movement in the European region decreased due to the pessimistic orders from the end-use industries and consumers' economic pessimism. High-interest rates and inflation, which continue to depress the market, cause customers to hesitate to spend. Moreover, the commodities were also supported by stable freight costs globally.

The cost of AluminoSilicate hovered around USD 1370/MT, with a month-on-month decline of 1.5% during January 2023.

According to the experts, the Aluminosilicate market is expected to register decline trends in February. It is expected that the AluminoSilicate price is likely to fall by 1% to 2% in February due to weak market sentiments. Manufacturers believe that the construction industry will soon improve, and the price of AluminoSilicate is likely to rise by 2% to 3% in March 2023.

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