Amogy's Ammonia-to-Electrical Power System Receives Verification from ABS
Amogy's Ammonia-to-Electrical Power System Receives Verification from ABS

Amogy's Ammonia-to-Electrical Power System Receives Verification from ABS

  • 13-May-2024 6:12 PM
  • Journalist: Yage Kwon

Amogy, known for its mature, scalable, and efficient solutions in ammonia-to-power conversion, has obtained a New Technology Qualification (NTQ) letter for concept design verification from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), a prominent figure in delivering classification services for marine and offshore assets worldwide.

Amogy has pioneered an inventive system for converting ammonia into electrical power. This system involves splitting liquid ammonia, or "cracking" it, into its constituent elements of hydrogen and nitrogen. The hydrogen is then directed into a fuel cell, where it produces high-performance power. This cutting-edge technology presents a sustainable and clean energy solution, specifically designed for industries such as maritime shipping and power generation.

The ABS New Technology Qualification (NTQ) services provide direction for the early adoption and effective integration of new technologies. They verify the ability of these technologies to meet their intended functions and performance criteria, aiming to qualify them for wider industry acceptance. This approach bridges regulatory disparities in technology adoption, offering valuable insights into effective implementation strategies, as well as evaluating technology maturity levels and related risks.

Marking a notable step towards the comprehensive approval of Amogy's power system, the issuance of an NTQ letter verifies the concept design for their ammonia-to-power system. This involved an evaluation of their integrated reactor system, which splits ammonia into hydrogen for use in fuel cells. This achievement not only represents progress in approving Amogy's entire system but also recognizes their efforts in pioneering ammonia-based emission reduction systems.

"We are pleased to receive the Technology Qualification letter from ABS," says Seonghoon Woo, CEO of Amogy. "This accomplishment represents a major milestone in our journey towards wider industry acceptance of our technology, underscoring the safety, feasibility, and maturity of our ammonia-powered solution. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with ABS as we progress through the new technology qualification process."

"Amogy's latest technology showcases the swift evolution of innovation in alternative fuels for maritime applications. The process of cracking ammonia to generate hydrogen for fuel cells holds significant promise in hastening the energy transition within the maritime sector, thereby bolstering global decarbonization efforts," remarked Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer.

Amogy offers carbon-neutral energy solutions tailored to mitigate emissions in challenging sectors like maritime, power generation, and heavy industry. With demonstrated effectiveness in practical settings, its patented ammonia cracking technology is both mature and scalable, providing a highly efficient means of breaking down liquid ammonia. This process generates electrical power when combined with hydrogen fuel cells.

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