Approtium and Topsoe Partner for Low-Carbon Ammonia to Hydrogen with H2RETAKETM Tech
Approtium and Topsoe Partner for Low-Carbon Ammonia to Hydrogen with H2RETAKETM Tech

Approtium and Topsoe Partner for Low-Carbon Ammonia to Hydrogen with H2RETAKETM Tech

  • 19-Feb-2024 3:12 PM
  • Journalist: Francis Stokes

Topsoe, a renowned global leader in carbon emission reduction technologies, has entered into a significant engineering agreement with Approtium, a prominent South Korean industrial hydrogen supplier. This collaboration aims to deploy Topsoe's proven ammonia cracking technology, known as H2RETAKETM, for the conversion of low-carbon ammonia, commonly referred to as blue ammonia, back into hydrogen. This strategic initiative underscores Topsoe's commitment to advancing sustainable solutions for hydrogen production.

As outlined in the company's official release, Topsoe will provide its cutting-edge technology to Approtium for implementation in a groundbreaking project situated in Ulsan, South Korea. The anticipated output of this facility is an impressive 75,000 metric tons of hydrogen annually, catering to the rising demand for co-firing in South Korea's power generation sector. Notably, this project plays a pivotal role in contributing to South Korea's ambitious target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030, using 2018 as the baseline.

H2RETAKETM stands out as Topsoe's specialized ammonia cracking technology, meticulously designed for the high-efficiency conversion of ammonia into high-purity hydrogen. With an outstanding energy efficiency rating of 96%, H2RETAKETM produces top-quality hydrogen suitable for a diverse range of industrial applications. An innovative feature of this technology is its capacity to utilize off-gases as fuel for the endothermic reaction, enhancing its overall efficiency. Additionally, H2RETAKETM exhibits versatility by processing any commercial-grade ammonia feed source, showcasing its adaptability across various operational contexts for hydrogen production.

Established in 1964, Approtium has evolved into the largest domestic supplier of hydrogen and liquid CO2 in South Korea. Over the years, the company has experienced continuous growth, expanding its operations to include three facilities in Ulsan and a fourth factory in Seosan, Chungnam. Approtium currently plays a pivotal role in supplying approximately 100,000 tons of hydrogen annually to a diverse array of industrial consumers spanning sectors such as refining, petrochemicals, and semiconductors.

Topsoe, on the other hand, operates as a global provider of technology and solutions dedicated to facilitating the energy transition. The collaboration with Approtium aligns seamlessly with Topsoe's mission to contribute to sustainable advancements in hydrogen production, thereby playing a key role in addressing environmental concerns associated with traditional methods.

This partnership not only signifies a union between two industry leaders but also emphasizes the critical role of advanced technologies in realizing eco-friendly hydrogen production. By leveraging Topsoe's expertise in ammonia cracking technology, Approtium aims to enhance its hydrogen production capabilities and contribute significantly to South Korea's renewable energy objectives.

The engineering agreement between Topsoe and Approtium marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainable hydrogen production. The deployment of H2RETAKETM in the Ulsan project underscores the practical application of advanced technologies in addressing environmental challenges and advancing the global transition towards cleaner energy sources. This collaboration stands as a testament to the collective efforts of industry leaders in driving innovation and fostering a more sustainable future.

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