Aptar Closures Debuts Sustainable Closure Option for Beauty Brands
Aptar Closures Debuts Sustainable Closure Option for Beauty Brands

Aptar Closures Debuts Sustainable Closure Option for Beauty Brands

  • 18-Apr-2024 11:29 AM
  • Journalist: Francis Stokes

Remaining at the forefront of value-added dispensing closure solutions worldwide, Aptar Closures remains steadfast in its dedication to crafting designs that prioritize recyclability, alongside ensuring convenience and safety for end-users. Among its latest offerings is the Future Disc Top, a fully recyclable* closure engineered to endure the rigorous e-commerce journey, offering reassurance to both brands and consumers.

Tailored for the beauty and personal care sectors, the Future Disc Top distinguishes itself on multiple fronts. Crafted entirely from polyethylene (PE), one of today's most commonly recycled packaging materials globally, it empowers brand owners to offer more recyclable packaging across diverse product ranges. Pioneering in its market debut, it tackles the challenge of mixed-material packaging, where only the container itself is recyclable. To ensure complete recyclability, the Future Disc Top should be matched with a suitable PE or PET bottle. Noteworthy is the availability of a version crafted from post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, further underscoring Aptar Closures' commitment to providing robust solutions in line with circular economy principles and assisting brands in fulfilling their sustainability pledges.

Apart from its enhanced sustainability, the Future Disc Top was meticulously crafted to meet the exacting standards of quality, safety, and aesthetics favored by brand owners. Featuring a myriad of color options, this innovative closure is tailored to complement a diverse array of brand identities. Its robust construction ensures a closure and locking mechanism that are not only strong and smooth but also durable, maintaining integrity over time.

Moreover, the Future Disc Top meets Amazon ISTA-6 standards, making it an excellent choice for e-commerce shipping. Equipped with an integrated locking/unlocking ring, it effectively safeguards the bottle's contents throughout the demanding e-commerce supply chain, ensuring that consumers receive their orders intact and ready for use upon arrival. This eliminates the necessity for excessive tertiary packaging like shrink sleeves and bubble wrap, thereby reducing packaging waste and mitigating the rising incidence of returns attributable to packaging failures and product leaks.

Future Disc Top has demonstrated its commitment to recyclability through its Class A rating from the EU’s RecyClass sustainability validation organization and certification from Cyclos-HTP, the Institute for Recyclability and Product Responsibility in Europe. This accolade positions it alongside the multi-award-winning Future Lotion Pump, which shares its dedication to recyclability and e-commerce compatibility. Together, these solutions epitomize Aptar Closures' dedication to developing practical and sustainable options that prioritize the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants.

Ricard Canal, Global Platform Director at Aptar Closures, highlighted the significance of Future Disc Top in Aptar's lineup of innovative solutions, emphasizing its seamless integration of sustainability, e-commerce functionality, and superior quality. Canal underscored how Future Disc Top fulfills the increasing demand for recyclable and convenient beauty and personal care products. He emphasized that this closure empowers brand partners to create comprehensive packaging solutions aligned with the principles of a circular economy, thereby assisting both brands and consumers in their recycling endeavors.

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