Arkema Cuts Greenhouse Gas Emissions Linked to Acrylic Products
Arkema Cuts Greenhouse Gas Emissions Linked to Acrylic Products

Arkema Cuts Greenhouse Gas Emissions Linked to Acrylic Products

  • 13-Mar-2024 5:53 PM
  • Journalist: Stella Fernandes

Arkema, a globally recognized supplier of acrylic solutions, is excited to declare its partnership with ISMERT, a carrier affiliated with the MGE Group, with the goal of tackling the urgent task of reducing transportation emissions. In response to the worldwide imperative for decarbonization, both entities are proactively embarking on initiatives to substantially decrease greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the transportation of acrylic products by more than 80%.

Through this strategic partnership with ISMERT, Arkema aims to markedly diminish the carbon footprint of transportation for road shipments across specific European countries as an initial phase of implementation. This collaborative endeavor aligns seamlessly with Arkema's recently bolstered climate plan and its unwavering dedication to decarbonization initiatives encompassing the entire value chain.

ISMERT is honored to collaborate with Arkema and lend its support to the company's ambitious roadmap for curbing carbon emissions. By exploring alternatives to traditional diesel fuel, such as renewable fuel derived from waste materials, the partnership foresees achieving an impressive reduction of over 80% in GHG emissions during transportation. This shift to renewable diesel not only promotes a more circular economy by repurposing waste into valuable resources but also significantly enhances the environmental impact of road transportation by reducing fine particle emissions by 65% compared to conventional diesel.

This initiative seamlessly complements Arkema's broader commitment to reducing transportation emissions, which encompasses strategies such as route optimization, the utilization of intermodal shipments, and the exploration of alternative fuel options to traditional diesel.

Drawing on its profound knowledge in materials science, Arkema provides a wide-ranging array of state-of-the-art technologies to meet the increasing need for innovative and environmentally friendly materials. With the goal of becoming a pure player in Specialty Materials by 2024, the Group is structured into three synergistic and highly innovative segments: Adhesive Solutions, Advanced Materials, and Coating Solutions, which collectively accounted for approximately 91% of Group sales in 2022. Additionally, Arkema maintains a competitive position in the Intermediates segment.

Arkema's technological solutions are designed to confront a wide array of challenges, spanning new energies, water access, recycling, urbanization, and mobility. The company remains steadfast in fostering continuous dialogue with all stakeholders to drive sustainable progress. In 2022, Arkema reported sales of around €11.5 billion and operates in approximately 55 countries worldwide, employing over 21,100 individuals.

Arkema S.A. is a publicly traded multinational corporation specializing in specialty materials, with its headquarters located in Colombes, near Paris, France. The company operates through three distinct segments, namely adhesives, advanced materials, and coatings. Additionally, it has a separate segment dedicated to chemical intermediates.

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