Arlanxeo Launches 65 Kilotonne per Annum Polybutadiene Rubber Plant in Brazil
Arlanxeo Launches 65 Kilotonne per Annum Polybutadiene Rubber Plant in Brazil

Arlanxeo Launches 65 Kilotonne per Annum Polybutadiene Rubber Plant in Brazil

  • 10-Feb-2023 4:15 PM
  • Journalist: Yage Kwon

The Hague, The Netherlands [Europe]: Arlanxeo recently celebrated a major milestone in South American expansion with the inauguration of its 65 ktpa Polybutadiene Rubber (PBR) production line in Triunfo, Brazil. The new line is part of the Dutch-based Rubber giant's commitment to Latin America and a strategic move to further strengthen their presence in the region. This news represents a big step forward for Arlanxeo, marking a new era for the company and providing an opportunity for growth for their business operations in Latin America.

Arlanxeo recently announced an investment in their Triunfo facility, which will allow them to produce advanced Neodymium Butadiene Rubber (Nd-BR) and Lithium Butadiene Rubber (Li-BR) for tire and non-tire applications. This significant upgrade was initially planned for the end of 2020 and comes with the added benefit of increased flexibility of production at the plant. Prior to this, Arlanxeo's Triunfo facility only manufactured emulsion Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (ESBR) and EPDM Rubber.

Arlanxeo has announced the addition of a new production line to its total synthetic Rubber capacity in Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro. The new line increases their overall capacity to 150ktpa. Along with this, the company has also recently invested in a Nitrile Rubber (NBR) production line and a warehouse for Polychloroprene Rubber located in Sao Paulo. These initiatives are designed to boost Arlanxeo’s presence and operations in Brazil.

Arlanxeo recently announced an investment for a new “ESBR/NBR swing-line”, and the warehouse for Chloroprene Rubber was completed in September of last year. This is a major step forward in their quest to become a leading manufacturer of Nitrile Rubber.

“Arlanxeo’s state-of-the-art BR production line in [Triunfo] Brazil is a direct response to growing demand for BR in Latin America,” stated Angelo Brazil, head of LatAm region.

The (PBR) will be supplied to the local tire and plastic markets, simplifying supply chains in the region. This Rubber has outstanding qualities including high resistance to abrasion, low heat buildup, and resistance to cracking. It is a highly reliable material used in the production of tire treads, belts, hoses, gaskets and other automotive parts.

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