Asian Chemical Giant to Expand EVOH Resin Production in the UK
Asian Chemical Giant to Expand EVOH Resin Production in the UK

Asian Chemical Giant to Expand EVOH Resin Production in the UK

  • 05-Aug-2022 5:35 PM
  • Journalist: Nicholas Seifield

In one of its news releases, Japan-based Mitsubishi Chemical Group stated that the firm has pronounced to boom in the production of Ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer resin (EVOH), which they brand as "SoarnoL™, " in its UK plant . The group's EVOH resin production plant, which is situated in Saltend Chemicals Park, Hull, has an annual production capacity of about 18,000 tons at present, and the group has taken a call to increase it by 39,000 tons per year by 2025.

Mitsubishi Chemical group has its EVOH resin production facility in Japan, the UK, and the US. Apart from its UK facility, the group's Japan plant could produce 10,000 MT of EVOH resin a year, while its US plant has an immense production capacity of up to 41,000 tons annually. By increasing the production capacity in its UK plant, by 2025, the group will have a combined production volume of about 90,000 MT of SoarnoL™ EVOH resin per year, which will be 21,000 tons higher than that of the group's current manufacturing range. (The group's combined production capacity stands at 69,000 tons annually).

As per the claims of the Mitsubishi Chemical group, SoarnoL™ is fundamentally an EVOH resin that has got an excellent gas railing ability. Gas railings have got the property of decreasing or dialing back the vapors and gases. The group has affirmed that their resin can be used to produce packaging compounds, which can enhance the shell life of food and food products by spinning out the quality and flavor of foods, thus emerging in lowered food waste.

The group, in its news release, has also added that placing medical care and life science as one of the main focal points under the new administration strategy "Forging the future," which was put out in the month of December 2021, and the group will be keeping on contributing to the green food supply by encouraging and advancing other high geared compounds and food bundling items.  

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