Asian Lisinopril Prices Demonstrate a Positive Growth
Asian Lisinopril Prices Demonstrate a Positive Growth

Asian Lisinopril Prices Demonstrate a Positive Growth

  • 23-Aug-2022 4:25 PM
  • Journalist: Motoki Sasaki

In August 2022, the price of Lisinopril witnessed a steady to firm trend in the Asian countries, mainly India and China, owing to the increasing demand from the end-user industries and fluctuation in raw material prices. Also, in summer, manufacturers started their maintenance in July and continued till August.

In India, the price trend of Lisinopril has been following an upward trajectory in support of bullish market sentiments. As per the data, the Lisinopril price surged by 2% in last month's values, owing to constantly increasing demand from downstream sectors in the regional market. In addition, the Indian market was likewise seeing brisk purchase activity. Also, the prices remained high with the region's lack of stocks or lower level of inventories

In China, the price of Lisinopril slightly increased by 0.5% during august. The market has been witnessing slow trading activity due to the low requirements from the domestic market. The domestic market demand hasn't changed much throughout the month. The steady Lisinopril market resulted from consistent buying and selling activities. The traders hoped the domestic market's action would regain its strength after the lockdown restriction, but consumer demand remained still. The weak to the stable price trend of L-lysine, the primary raw material used to produce Lisinopril, further stabilized the pricing. Additionally, the steady downstream pharmaceutical sectors demand results in the product's pilling up in the Chinese domestic market. As a result, the manufacturers are concerned, which causes them to bargain over their offers for the current inventories.

As per the ChemAnalyst, the price of Lisinopril in the Asian market may rise in the upcoming month. Additionally, the demand in the Asian market will probably increase, stimulating the lisinopril market. An improvement in trading activities in China may also recover momentum. Moreover, the quotations from the manufacturer are likely to surge, pushing the Lisinopril pricing forward.

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