Asian Polystyrene market ascends with crude oil prices
Asian Polystyrene market ascends with crude oil prices

Asian Polystyrene market ascends with crude oil prices

  • 23-May-2022 4:52 PM
  • Journalist: Kim Chul Son

Qingdao, China- It has been nearly three months since Russia's President Vladimir Putin initiated the brutal military action on Ukraine, and the battle is still going on. This action led to a dramatic hike on Crude oil prices in the international market. Crude oil, the primary element of Polystyrene, has proportionally showcased its impact on its regional market prices. The inclination of approximately 2% was observed, and the prices of Polystyrene arose owing to escalating prices downstream of crude oil, benzene, and ethylene in the market. The operational market of Styrene, which is upstream of Polystyrene, fluctuated in the Asian market, consequently affecting the Polystyrene prices.

Denting value of the Yuan in the global market has impacted the Polystyrene market, as the US dollar strengthened. This oscillation was caused due to drawn-out Covid controls, and stresses over Chinese financial development have additionally debilitated opinion on the Yuan. These facets have governed the increasing prices of Polystyrene. According to the resources, "the oil costs are upheld as gas markets stay tight amid strong interest heading into the driving demand in the domestic market."

According to the local manufacturer, China resumed its work after a week's holiday, which increased the feed demand. The prolongation of crude benzene plant expanded, directly demanding high feed leading to the stockpile shrinkage. These facets have correlatively impacted the production cost of Polystyrene. The upkeep of the ethylene plant decreases the heap, and the cost is severe strength areas generally. As per the regional manufacturers, retarding public health in the country has showcased its effects on Polystyrene as labour shortage occurred accompanied by the continuous demand from downstream sectors packaging, home appliances, and more. Demand for Polystyrene from the international market kept driving the Polystyrene prices in the Asian market.

As per ChemAnlayst, "the prices of Polystyrene will continue to follow the uptrend in the upcoming weeks owing to the rising crude oil prices." The increment in the production cost will proportionally impact the Polystyrene market sentiments.

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