Atenolol API Market Captures Escalating Price Trend in the USA

Atenolol API Market Captures Escalating Price Trend in the USA

Atenolol API Market Captures Escalating Price Trend in the USA

  • 01-Sep-2022 3:06 PM
  • Journalist: Nicholas Seifield

The Atenolol API market has continued to showcase an increased price momentum in the past few months and is still in turmoil owing to fluctuating demand from downstream industries. Increasing demand and escalating oil costs led Atenolol API prices to remain on the higher end. Lack of supply and limited inventories are the two main factors behind the continuous surge in the Atenolol API prices. The values assessed at USD 45650/ton CFR New York with the inclination of 6.1%

The booming demand for Atenolol API, especially in the developed economies, prompted increasing prices of Atenolol API globally. The feedstock crude oil demand was also higher due to growing speculation worldwide. Furthermore, stockholders' increasing buying indications of Atenolol API also affected the market sentiments toward Atenolol API worldwide. Soaring production rate and operating costs in the major exporting regions owing to the production of fresh stock prompted the manufacturers to increase the price of Atenolol API in the USA market. Also, the rise in demand from the pharmaceutical sector remained the root cause of the market growth rate.

Consequently, Atenolol API experienced cost escalation following increased transportation and manufacturing costs keeping the market tight. Furthermore, bearish inventories and insufficient supplies to cater to downstream demand led Atenolol API prices to witness a higher trajectory. Russia's Ukraine invasion further affected the energy sector, and exuberated logistic charges leading to port congestion positively supported the downstream market sentiments of Atenolol API. Thus, the Atenolol API  market witnessing a supply-demand gap compelled Atenolol API to showcase tight market sentiments.

According to ChemAnalyst, "The demand for Atenolol API in the North-American region is likely to settle down in the forthcoming months, followed by stable downstream consumption and demand from pharmaceutical industries. Furthermore, slight fluctuation might be witnessed as the industries resume fresh batch production during the winter. The offered quotation in the domestic market will stabilize on the higher end in the upcoming weeks.


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