Avgol Announces Investment in New Non-Woven Fabric Production Line at Russian Facility

Avgol Announces Investment in New Non-Woven Fabric Production Line at Russian Facility

  • 01-Jul-2021 11:00 AM
  • Journalist: Harold Finch

To satisfy the increasing requirement of Non-Woven Fabric (NWF) in Russia, a major Non-Woven manufacturer, Avgol announced an investment in its Russia based NWF manufacturing unit. This investment includes a new high-capacity production line with multiple beams based on latest Reicofil 5 (RF5) technology. The primitive investment aims at increasing the production capacity of NWF to satisfy the domestic demand and to assist in the innovation of new product technologies. Few years back Indorama Ventures completed the acquisition of Avgol, till date, this is one of the largest investments done by Indorama in Avgol’s Russia facility. 

Avgol revealed that the current decision to invest in a new production line on this site has taken in effect to satisfy the rising demand from domestic baby diaper, women hygiene and adult care segments in the domestic as well as regional market.

COVID 19 provided a boost in the overall growth of Russian NWF market, where the demand from healthcare sector improved effectively from face mask to full body protection gears. According to Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, in 2020 during pandemic, the production of NWF reached its record high value, the highest since the disintegration of USSR.

According ChemAnalyst analysis, the introduction of new production line by Avgol is likely to improve the overall production capacity of the plant and will thus help in catering to the overall requirement of NWF across the country. Besides, post succession, the plant is expected to provide more quality fabrics to the downstream sectors, in domestic as well as in the overall European market.

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