Balaji Amines Outstretches Acetonitrile Expansion Project for Satisfying Local Demand

Balaji Amines Outstretches Acetonitrile Expansion Project for Satisfying Local Demand

  • 03-Feb-2020 2:00 PM
  • Journalist: Peter Schmidt

India’s leading manufacturer of Aliphatic Amines known as Balaji Amines exhibits license capacity of 18000 MTPA for Acetonitrile production. However, Acetonitrile production line became operational from November 2019 as the company recently got environmental clearance for its Solapur mega project which includes capacity expansion of Acetonitrile, Morpholine, Di Methylamines and other offerings. The current production capacity of Balaji Amines is 9000 MTPA, the company is planning to expand its Acetonitrile production capacity further to 14 to 15 TPD as current production capacity of Acetonitrile lacks in meeting the total domestic demand of Acetonitrile which exceeds 12000 MTPA. The proposed production is anticipated to begin from April 2020 onwards. Expansion plans of Balaji Amines will be benefiting various growing industries such as pharma, petrochemical, textile and plastics. Furthermore, due to uncertain volatility in Acetonitrile prices, the company has even planned to utilize Acetonitrile line to produce Tetrahydrofuran (THF) for 6 months in a year to restrain inventory built-up and to enhance its profit by serving pharma and agro-based industries.

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