BASF Announces Boost in PA and PBT Manufacturing Capabilities in India
BASF Announces Boost in PA and PBT Manufacturing Capabilities in India

BASF Announces Boost in PA and PBT Manufacturing Capabilities in India

  • 24-May-2024 11:20 AM
  • Journalist: Stella Fernandes

BASF India Limited plans to boost the production capacity of its Ultramid® polyamide (PA) and Ultradur® polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) at its compounding plants located in Panoli, Gujarat, and Thane, Maharashtra. Additionally, BASF will inaugurate its Polyurethane Technical Development Center India on May 28 in Mumbai. This new center will aid in advancing polyurethane applications across various industries, including transportation, construction, footwear, appliances, and furniture.

" The increase in Ultramid and Ultradur capacities in Panoli and Thane, coupled with the opening of our new center, demonstrates our commitment to strengthening local production and capabilities. This 'Made-in-India-for-India' approach enables us to accelerate our speed-to-market and remain close to our customers, allowing for faster delivery of products, solutions, and technical services," stated Andy Postlethwaite, Senior Vice President, Performance Materials Asia Pacific, BASF.

With a production capacity increase of over 40% at its Panoli and Thane facilities, BASF is well-prepared to meet the growing demand for high-performance material solutions in India. This expanded capacity will be operational in the second half of 2025.

The Center spans approximately 2,000 square meters and is equipped with state-of-the-art applications technology. It enhances customer support services by offering troubleshooting, customized formulations, line trials, and training sessions. Additionally, it leverages expertise and synergies from BASF's global polyurethane network to provide rapid and advanced technical service. This initiative will drive innovation alongside the Creation Center located at BASF's Innovation Campus in Mumbai.

BASF pioneers chemistry for a sustainable tomorrow, seamlessly blending financial prosperity with environmental stewardship and societal accountability. With a workforce of approximately 112,000 worldwide, BASF stand as a cornerstone of success for clients across diverse industries and global landscapes. BASF diverse portfolio, spanning Chemicals, Materials, Industrial Solutions, Surface Technologies, Nutrition & Care, and Agricultural Solutions, underscores BASF commitment to innovation. In 2023, company sales reached €68.9 billion, a testament to its unwavering dedication. BASF's shares are publicly traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (BAS) and as American Depositary Receipts (BASFY) in the United States, reflecting our global presence and investor confidence.

BASF's Performance Materials division leads the charge in driving the essential shift towards sustainability within the realm of plastics. Collaborating closely with customers worldwide, BASF develops innovative solutions tailored to key industry sectors including transportation, consumer goods, industrial applications, and construction. Through dedicated research and development efforts, BASF addresses every facet of the plastics lifecycle: Make, Use, and Recycle. In the MAKE phase, the focus lies on refining the production process, from product conception to raw material selection and manufacturing techniques. During the USE phase, emphasis is placed on maximizing the inherent strengths of plastics, such as their lightweight nature, durability, and thermal resilience. As products reach the end of their lifecycle, the RECYCLE phase aims to establish a circular economy by devising strategies for efficient material reuse.

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