BASF Expands Capacity for Paraffin Inhibitors at Tarragona Plant
BASF Expands Capacity for Paraffin Inhibitors at Tarragona Plant

BASF Expands Capacity for Paraffin Inhibitors at Tarragona Plant

  • 09-May-2024 12:02 PM
  • Journalist: Peter Schmidt

BASF has unveiled plans to bolster the global production capacity of its Basoflux® line of paraffin inhibitors at its Tarragona facility in Spain. This strategic investment is poised to equip BASF’s Oilfield Chemicals division with the requisite capacity to cater to both present and future demand for cutting-edge paraffin inhibitors within the Oil & Gas sector. With additional assets slated for integration, the expansion initiative is primed to introduce enhanced efficiencies and flexibility in the manufacturing process, particularly for newly developed solutions such as environmentally friendly aqueous-based dispersion paraffin inhibitors and solvent-based products. The expansion of the Tarragona plant is anticipated to empower BASF to respond swiftly to dynamic market conditions, thereby enhancing its agility in meeting evolving customer needs. Initial deliveries to customers are earmarked for the outset of 2025.

Serge Ikink, the New Business Development Manager for Oilfield Chemicals at BASF, emphasized the company's dedication to maintaining a prominent position in the paraffin inhibitors market through continuous innovation and strategic investments. He highlighted BASF's success in meeting genuine market demands with its innovative aqueous-based dispersion paraffin inhibitors. Ikink underscored the superior performance of Basoflux products, noting their reliability in application, which has fostered trust among customers, even in the most demanding operational conditions.

The demand for crude oil is expected to persist for the foreseeable future. With the depletion of easily accessible oil reserves in numerous areas, there is a growing necessity to extract more challenging oil sources. This shift underscores an augmented requirement for the production of paraffinic crudes, necessitating the utilization of more efficient chemical solutions to optimize oil extraction. BASF collaborates closely with its customers to develop fit-for-purpose (F4P) chemistries tailored to enhance and facilitate more efficient oil production processes.

The novel Basoflux dispersions slated for production at BASF's Tarragona facility are poised to empower customers to adopt more sustainable practices by significantly reducing solvent usage and operating at lower temperatures. This transformative shift not only translates into cost savings but also fosters resource efficiency by minimizing overall product consumption.

The Oilfield Chemicals global business unit stands as a premier provider of an extensive array of top-tier chemicals tailored for diverse oilfield applications, spanning drilling, cementing, stimulation, production additives, and enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Our comprehensive solutions empower customers to optimize value within their oilfield activities and enhance overall well efficiency across a broad spectrum of field conditions.

BASF Oilfield Chemicals operates within BASF's Performance Chemicals division, which encompasses Fuel and Lubricant Solutions, as well as Plastic Additives and Mining Solutions. Our innovative solutions cater to a diverse range of industries, including Chemicals, Plastics, Consumer Goods, Energy & Resources, and Automotive & Transportation, offering tangible benefits to our esteemed customers.

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