BASF Speeds Up Plastics Journey with Range of Recycled Grades and Circular Solutions
BASF Speeds Up Plastics Journey with Range of Recycled Grades and Circular Solutions

BASF Speeds Up Plastics Journey with Range of Recycled Grades and Circular Solutions

  • 23-Apr-2024 6:10 PM
  • Journalist: Peter Schmidt

During CHINAPLAS 2024, BASF showcases collaborative innovations centered on circular solutions. This includes Ultramid® Ccycled® polyamide (PA), incorporating a portion of pyrolysis oil derived from post-consumer plastic waste sourced from Asia, using the mass balance approach. Additionally, BASF introduces its pioneering 'Design-for-Recycling' technology for polyurethanes (PU) foam, facilitating simplified and scalable recycling. BASF continues to advance its commitment to sustainability in the plastics industry by offering a range of recycled grades.

"At CHINAPLAS 2024, BASF is delighted to unveil a comprehensive range of sustainable solutions, showcasing our dedication to supporting our customers' sustainability objectives and aspirations in Asia," remarked Andy Postlethwaite, Senior Vice President of Performance Materials Asia Pacific at BASF. "Specifically, the 'Made in Asia for Asia' mass-balanced Ultramid Ccycled, incorporating pyrolysis oil sourced from post-consumer plastic waste in Asia, underscores BASF's commitment to transforming feedstock within its integrated value chains."

Furthermore, BASF showcases its latest range of additives designed to enhance the sustainability of diverse plastic applications.

"Hazel Sprafke, Vice President of Global Business Management for Plastic Additives in Asia Pacific at BASF, expressed anticipation for CHINAPLAS 2024, highlighting it as a valuable platform to engage with industry leaders, exchange perspectives on the future of plastic additives technology, and explore opportunities to expedite the transition to a circular economy."

Mechanical recycling, coupled with chemical recycling, stands as a pivotal pillar of the circular economy, rejuvenating plastic waste for a renewed purpose. Within this framework, plastic additives serve as crucial facilitators. IrgaCycle®, an innovative blend of additives, empowers resin producers, compounders, and recyclers to elevate recycled content, manage quality consistency in recyclates, and enhance the performance of end products.

Examples like car stereo frames crafted from 100% recycled pellets, T-shirts fashioned from repurposed fishing nets, and storage containers molded from upcycled plastic trays highlight the versatility of IrgaCycle as a recycling facilitator. Additionally, newly introduced products like Irgastab® PUR 71 for car roof panels, Tinuvin® 2730 for enhanced light stability in items like pontoons, and the NOR technology utilized in greenhouse films will be featured at CHINAPLAS 2024.

BASF's Plastics Journey signifies an ongoing dedication to propel the plastics industry towards a sustainable and circular trajectory. It encompasses a holistic approach spanning the entire lifecycle of plastics, from inception to disposal and beyond. Apart from material advancements, BASF actively drives initiatives to foster a circular economy for plastics. This involves designing products and packaging for recyclability, refining manufacturing processes to curb waste, and partnering with stakeholders to establish effective collection and recycling mechanisms. Through the integration of recycled plastics back into the value chain, BASF aims to mitigate resource depletion and reduce the environmental footprint of plastic waste.

Through chemical recycling, post-consumer plastic waste, which may not be feasible for mechanical recycling due to technical or economic constraints, is transformed into pyrolysis oil. This recycled feedstock seamlessly integrates into BASF's production process, serving as a flexible solution to meet customers' needs, including reducing product carbon footprints and achieving recycled content goals. The proportion of recycled material is allocated to certified products using a mass balance approach verified by a third-party audit.

"Given China's shift towards a growth model emphasizing high-quality manufacturing and sustainability, BASF is strategically poised to cater to the rising market demand for innovative and sustainable chemical solutions. Through engagements like CHINAPLAS 2024 and various collaborative platforms, we engage with our customers and partners to collectively propel the advancement of the plastics journey and foster the emergence of new high-quality productive forces in China," remarked Dr. Jeffrey Lou, President and Chairman of BASF Greater China.

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