BASF Successfully Initiates Operations at Enlarged Ethylene Oxide Complex in Antwerp
BASF Successfully Initiates Operations at Enlarged Ethylene Oxide Complex in Antwerp

BASF Successfully Initiates Operations at Enlarged Ethylene Oxide Complex in Antwerp

  • 16-Oct-2023 6:52 PM
  • Journalist: Motoki Sasaki

BASF has significantly increased its production capacities for ethylene oxide and ethylene oxide derivatives at its Verbund site in Antwerp, Belgium, marking a substantial milestone in the company's commitment to enhancing its presence in the European market. This substantial investment encompasses the establishment of a second world-scale ethylene oxide plant, which includes the capacity to produce purified ethylene oxide. Additionally, the expansion initiative covers the augmentation of capabilities for alkoxylates, essential derivatives of ethylene oxide that find application in various sectors, including detergent and cleaning, automotive, and construction industries.

The investment, which surpasses $527.21 million, contributes approximately 400,000 metric tons per year to BASF's production capacity for the corresponding products. This strategic expansion signifies a critical step towards supporting the ongoing growth of BASF's clientele and solidifying the company's market positioning within Europe. As expressed by Hartwig Michels, President of Petrochemicals at BASF, "With the new plants, we are supporting the continuous growth of our customers and enhancing our market position in Europe."

The addition of the second world-scale ethylene oxide plant, accompanied by purified ethylene oxide capacity, highlights BASF's forward-thinking approach and unwavering commitment to future growth and innovation in the European market. Mary Kurian, who holds the position of President of Care Chemicals at BASF, underscores the importance of this expansion by stating, "Our commitment to forward-thinking is pivotal to our ongoing achievements in the European market. Through this expansion, we are poised to expedite growth, benefitting both our company and our valued customers in Europe."

Moreover, the expansion of the ethylene oxide and derivatives complex in Antwerp represents a substantial investment in the site itself. Jan Remeysen, CEO of BASF Antwerp, underscores the site's importance for the broader BASF group and the new opportunities it creates. This investment has not only strengthened the site's pivotal role but also contributed to the local economy by welcoming over 100 new colleagues, thereby significantly bolstering the site's workforce.

BASF's extensive expansion of its ethylene oxide and derivatives production capacity in Antwerp, Belgium, represents a pivotal moment in the company's drive to support customer growth and enhance its position in the European market. The substantial investment, surpassing €500 million, signifies BASF's commitment to innovation and future-oriented thinking. The creation of a second world-scale ethylene oxide plant and the augmentation of alkoxylate capacities underpin the company's dedication to fostering growth, both for itself and its customers in Europe. This expansion not only strengthens BASF's market standing but also reinforces the importance of the Antwerp site within the BASF group, creating new prospects and contributing to regional employment. This development is a testament to BASF's proactive approach to meeting evolving market demands and providing sustainable solutions in the chemical industry.

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