BioD Energy Plans to Expand its Footprint in India

BioD Energy Plans to Expand its Footprint in India

  • 17-Jan-2020 1:00 PM
  • Journalist: Peter Schmidt

BioD Energy, the one-year-old domestic Biodiesel producer has proposed a plan to expand its existing manufacturing facility in Haryana, which includes setting up two new Biodiesel plants and open around 30 Biodiesel pumps in North India. One of these plants will be set up locally with double the capacity of the existing Haryana plant while the other one would be set up in Dubai. The company is aiming to ramp up its production capacity to 130 Kilo liter per day (Klpd) by March this year from the existing capacity of 110 Klpd. Since its operations commenced in November 2018, the company has reported the sales of 10 million litre of Biodiesel mainly to consumers in the logistics, industrial and transportation sectors. The company’s plant utilizes multiple feedstock such as used cooking oil, animal waste and acid oils to produce Biodiesel. The company stands out in terms of its proprietary technology which allows it to convert low quality feedstock to fuel grade Biodiesel. However, the concerns towards availability of reliable and timely feedstock need to be addressed as the Indian government banned import of the key feedstock, palm oil used for manufacturing Biodiesel.


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