Braskem and FKUR Enter Agreement for the Distribution of Bio-Based EVA
Braskem and FKUR Enter Agreement for the Distribution of Bio-Based EVA

Braskem and FKUR Enter Agreement for the Distribution of Bio-Based EVA

  • 25-Jan-2024 5:01 PM
  • Journalist: Harold Finch

In a significant expansion of their longstanding partnership, Braskem and FKUR Kunststoff are broadening their collaboration to encompass a wider range of products from the renowned "I'm green" bio-based portfolio. This strategic move establishes FKUR as the official distributor for sustainable ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) in multiple countries. Braskem, a leading biopolymer manufacturer, and FKUR Kunststoff, specializing in bioplastics, have been collaborating since 2011, and this expansion deepens the alliance between the two entities.

A key highlight of Braskem's sustainable approach is the utilization of sugarcane-based ethanol to produce "I'm green" bio-based EVA, mirroring the methodology employed for "I'm green" bio-based polyethylene. Sugarcane, a renewable resource, absorbs carbon dioxide during its growth, contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The biobased content of "I'm green" bio-based EVA ranges from 45 to 80 percent, as per the ASTM D6866 standard. This environmentally conscious sourcing ensures a lower environmental footprint compared to traditional fossil-based counterparts.

FKUR Kunststoff's involvement extends beyond mere logistics; the company, with its dedicated team, assumes the role of a comprehensive partner. In addition to managing logistics in the covered countries, FKUR becomes a knowledgeable point of contact for technology, development, and provides invaluable application and marketing support. This collaborative approach reflects the commitment of both Braskem and FKUR to not only deliver sustainable products but also to provide a holistic support system that facilitates the adoption and utilization of bio-based materials.

The expanded distribution partnership aligns with the shared commitment of Braskem and FKUR to drive sustainable practices in the plastics industry. By making "I'm green" bio-based EVA more accessible to a broader geographic region, the companies contribute to the widespread adoption of eco-friendly materials, addressing environmental concerns associated with traditional plastics. This collaboration also underscores the importance of aligning technology, logistics, and support services to empower industries in their transition toward more sustainable practices.

As Braskem and FKUR Kunststoff expand their distribution collaboration, the "I'm green" bio-based portfolio takes a step further in establishing itself as a viable and eco-friendly alternative in various industries. The incorporation of sustainable sourcing, coupled with comprehensive support from FKUR, positions "I'm green" bio-based EVA as a compelling choice for businesses looking to integrate environmentally conscious materials into their product lines. This expanded partnership not only reflects the evolution of bio-based materials but also demonstrates the commitment of industry leaders to drive positive change and foster a more sustainable future for plastics.

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