Braskem and Shell Chemicals Enter Partnership to Manufacture Circular Polypropylene
Braskem and Shell Chemicals Enter Partnership to Manufacture Circular Polypropylene

Braskem and Shell Chemicals Enter Partnership to Manufacture Circular Polypropylene

  • 23-Jan-2024 12:04 PM
  • Journalist: Henry Locke

Braskem S.A. and Shell Chemical, based in São Paulo, Brazil, recently unveiled a collaborative initiative with the goal of augmenting the use of circular content in Braskem's polypropylene production. This joint effort is a strategic component of a larger plan aimed at optimizing the value chain. The production of circular polypropylene will involve the utilization of an ISCC PLUS-certified feedstock, employing a mass balance approach. This sustainable material is set to benefit customers across various industries, including packaging and the automotive sector.

The production process involves Shell's ambitious plan to enhance and process pyrolysis oil derived from plastic waste at its upcoming upgrader plant, situated at Shell's Chemicals Park in Moerdijk, Netherlands. Following this initial phase, the upgraded feedstock will undergo further conversion at Braskem's polypropylene facility in Wesseling, Germany. The upgrader, currently in the construction phase, is designed with a substantial capacity to process up to 50,000 tonnes of pyrolysis oil annually. Its primary objective is to eliminate impurities commonly found in pyrolysis oil, resulting in a higher quality feedstock suitable for chemicals production. This upgraded feedstock holds significant potential to replace conventional virgin fossil feedstocks within the chemicals industry.

The commitment of Shell to environmental concerns, with a specific focus on addressing issues such as plastic waste and the challenges associated with hard-to-recycle plastics, is unequivocally emphasized by this collaborative agreement. The strategic location of Shell's Energy and Chemical Parks facilitates investments in innovative and sustainable projects. This process entails a pivotal role played alongside partners throughout the value chain to unlock sustainable solutions, benefitting both customers and society at large.

This collaboration aligns seamlessly with a broader vision, incorporating initiatives that actively promote plastic waste recovery, as well as mechanical and chemical recycling in production processes. The profound connection to the overarching purpose of contributing to a more circular and sustainable future is evident. Braskem's distinguished global position in biopolymers adds significance to this agreement, marking a noteworthy stride towards amalgamating Shell's technological prowess and infrastructure with Braskem's polymer expertise and market knowledge. The ultimate goal is to spearhead the development of more sustainable and scalable solutions, responding to the escalating demand for environmentally conscious practices within the industry.

In essence, this collaboration signifies a conscientious effort by both Shell Chemicals and Braskem S.A. to pioneer innovative practices in the production of polypropylene. By incorporating circular content and adopting advanced technologies in waste processing, the two companies aim not only to enhance their operational efficiency but also to set new benchmarks in sustainability within the chemical industry. This strategic partnership reflects a shared commitment to environmental stewardship and a vision for a circular economy where resources are optimized, waste is minimized, and sustainable practices are at the forefront of industrial processes.

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