Butyl Rubber Prices Surge Globally Amidst Low Inventory Dynamics
Butyl Rubber Prices Surge Globally Amidst Low Inventory Dynamics

Butyl Rubber Prices Surge Globally Amidst Low Inventory Dynamics

  • 12-Jan-2024 2:11 PM
  • Journalist: Timothy Greene

Jurong, Singapore: Butyl Rubber experienced a bullish trend in the global market in December 2023. The surge in the demand from the downstream automotive enterprises and insufficient inventory levels resulted in an upward price trend. Furthermore, due to the disturbance in the supply and demand equilibrium, the market players tried to benefit from the bullish market situation of Butyl Rubber by raising their ex-quotation to enhance their profit margins along with sales.

In the Singapore market, the upswing in prices of Butyl Rubber was a consequence of heightened demand from downstream automotive sectors and inadequate inventory levels. Additionally, as market players eagerly respond to the increasing demand by introducing enhanced electric vehicles (EVs), a significant obstacle they encounter is the elevated cost and restricted range of these vehicles. The Singapore Institute of Purchasing & Materials Management (SIPMM) reported a slight increase in the Singapore Manufacturing PMI, reaching 50.5 in December 2023, compared to 50.3 in the preceding month. This signifies the fourth consecutive month of growth and emphasizes the ongoing strong recovery in factory operations, diverging from regional trends that remain hampered by subdued demand.

The positive market conditions in the Butyl Rubber sector have presented a challenging scenario, with lower inventories creating favorable circumstances for market players as they were able to increase their ex-quotations and improve profit margins along with sales of Butyl Rubber. This strategic move indicates a proactive approach to addressing the immediate challenge of lower inventories. It involves boosting the production rate of the product to bridge the gap between supply and demand, with the ultimate goal of achieving a state of equilibrium in the market.

In the same manner, in the US market, the surge in Butyl Rubber prices was a consequence of heightened demand and insufficient inventory levels. December 2023 witnessed a notable achievement with global EV sales breaking records from November 2023, and both leading market players reaching their annual EV sales targets. Nearly 1 in 5 new cars sold worldwide is a plug-in electric car. In the United States, the Manufacturing PMI for December 2023 was lower than November 2023, indicating a more significant decline in manufacturing conditions. Output resumed a downward trend, and the contraction in new orders accelerated, reflecting weakness in both domestic and international demand. Firms adjusted their input buying and hiring activities in response to these challenging conditions.

In the Russian market, due to the escalation in the tension between Ukraine and Russia, a disturbance in the supply and demand equilibrium occurred which led to the increased prices of the Butyl Rubber. Furthermore, an increase in the demand for Butyl Rubber from the downstream automotive sector and insufficient inventory levels were recorded. Therefore, the buyers increased their purchasing activities to cope with the rising demand from the downstream automotive sector. Despite the decline in the prices of Crude Oil, the prices of Butyl Rubber increased due to the higher demand and shipment delays.

Also in the Saudi Arabian market, Butyl Rubber markets experienced an upward trend due to robust demand from downstream automotive enterprises, contributing to the strong pricing of Butyl Rubber. Therefore, the producers were obliged to raise their production rate to meet the rising demand from the downstream automotive sector. The Butyl Rubber experienced aggressive trading activities among the significant manufacturing units attributed to a low supply in contrast to demand. Simultaneously, robust buying performance in the spot market led to a surge in quotations from enterprises in the region. To meet domestic market demand, the production rate of the Butyl Rubber was increased accordingly.

According to ChemAnalyst, it is anticipated that the prices of Butyl Rubber might experience an incline in the upcoming weeks in January 2024. As the market players may restock the fresh inventories in the storage facilities, the demand from the downstream automotive sector may rise which might further raise the price trend for the commodity.

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