Butyric Acid Concludes Q4 of 2022 With a Downfall in its Cost
Butyric Acid Concludes Q4 of 2022 With a Downfall in its Cost

Butyric Acid Concludes Q4 of 2022 With a Downfall in its Cost

  • 30-Dec-2022 3:46 PM
  • Journalist: Rene Swann

The price of Butyric Acid in the United States has not changed in recent weeks due to a constant demand-to-supply ratio. However, costs have gone down this week. According to ChemAnalyst's findings, the price of Butyric Acid in the United States has decreased by nearly 1.54 percent per MT since December 23, 2022.

Despite largely relying on hand-to-mouth inventory levels, buyers showed moderate interest in purchasing Butyric Acid. Because the primary consumer market did not appear to be particularly interested in this commodity, producers were having difficulty increasing sales. So, Butyric Acid manufacturers maintained average production rates this week.

The downstream area's Butyric Acid market members stayed watchful. This is because of an absence of lucidity with respect to the viewpoint for future interest. Additionally, the market was still impacted by the previous quarter's excess inventory levels.

In the final week of December 2022, the company observed that Butyric Acid was being traded at USD 1,280 per MT FOB-to-Houston basis.

ChemAnalyst anticipates that the price of this product will rise in the coming year, as it has forecasted the cost of crude oil to increase, the natural substance from which Butyric Acid is made. In addition, it is anticipated that Butyric Acid products will receive an increase in export orders, particularly from Indian downstream companies, for the delivery of drugs, beauty care products, their associated products, and animal feedstocks in order to increase their production capacity and fulfill their increased orders in the coming months.

According to the predictions made by ChemAnalyst, the cost of Butyric Acid in the United States will increase by an additional 3% in January 2023 and by close to 1% in the month of February 2023. The company expects cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies to increase their demand for Butyric Acid for downstream processing, which will raise the cost of this commodity.

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