Cabot Corporation Elevates Circularity and Traceability with ISCC PLUS Certification

Cabot Corporation Elevates Circularity and Traceability with ISCC PLUS Certification

Cabot Corporation Elevates Circularity and Traceability with ISCC PLUS Certification

  • 19-Sep-2023 4:30 PM
  • Journalist: Gabreilla Figueroa

Cabot Corporation has proudly announced its attainment of the prestigious International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) PLUS certification at six of its facilities. This achievement positions Cabot as a leader in sustainability within the carbon black manufacturing sector, as it currently boasts more ISCC PLUS certified sites than any other manufacturer in this field. Moreover, Cabot has ambitious plans to extend this certification across its extensive global network.

The certified facilities span a range of vital functions within Cabot's operations, encompassing three reinforcing carbon facilities located in both Europe and the Americas. Additionally, two masterbatch and compounding facilities in Europe, along with the Company's Europe, Middle East, and Africa regional headquarters, have also earned this prestigious certification. Cabot's pursuit of ISCC PLUS certification aligns seamlessly with its overarching commitment to drive circularity and traceability, a pursuit that enables the Company to assist its customers in realizing their sustainability objectives on a global scale.

Amid the global landscape, numerous companies have unveiled ambitious sustainability targets as part of their commitment to facilitate the transition toward a circular, net-zero economy. Many industrial manufacturers have pledged to incorporate materials sourced from recovered or renewable sources into their operations, all while seeking certified materials that accelerate the circular economy while simultaneously curbing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Cabot's ISCC PLUS certified facilities adhere diligently to ISCC PLUS requirements, which encompass the utilization of circular value chains and certified feedstocks in the product manufacturing process.

Cabot has recently introduced its groundbreaking EVOLVE® Sustainable Solutions technology platform. This innovative platform has been meticulously crafted to deliver products that blend sustainability with dependable performance, all on an industrial scale. Presently, Cabot offers two ISCC PLUS certified products that are powered by its EVOLVE® Sustainable Solutions platform: VULCAN® 7H-C circular reinforcing carbon and STERLING® SO-RC110 circular reinforcing carbon. The production process for these products employs a mass balance approach, meticulously tracing the flow of materials through a complex value chain.

Aatif Misbah, the Vice President and General Manager of Sustainable Solutions at Cabot, underscored the Company's commitment to fostering sustainability across various dimensions. Misbah emphasized the importance of Cabot's actions in advancing its 2025 sustainability objectives and its aspiration for a lower-carbon future, all while ensuring that its solutions play a pivotal role in aiding customers in achieving their sustainability objectives. The introduction of Cabot's EVOLVE Sustainable Solutions technology platform stands as a testament to the Company's dedication to collaboration with its suppliers. This collaboration is geared toward the delivery of innovative and sustainable solutions that are underpinned by decarbonization and circular economy strategies. Certifications like ISCC PLUS serve to solidify Cabot's commitments to its customers while providing the crucial chain of custody verification conducted by third parties, thereby guaranteeing the integrity and performance of its global supply chain.



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