Calcium Acetate Prices Show Mixed Trends in Asia Due to Fluctuating Demand
Calcium Acetate Prices Show Mixed Trends in Asia Due to Fluctuating Demand

Calcium Acetate Prices Show Mixed Trends in Asia Due to Fluctuating Demand

  • 26-Apr-2023 3:05 PM
  • Journalist: Sasha Fernandes

The prices of Calcium Acetate across the APAC region have demonstrated a mixed trend since the start of the first quarter of 2023 because of fluctuating downstream demand from both domestic and international markets, upstream cost, and varying trade momentum.

In China, the price of Calcium Acetate started to fall at the beginning of January 2023 as the demand from the downstream market decreased due to a significant decline in manufacturing activities. Despite the opening of the ports and industries, including those in Shanghai, the trade momentum remained on the weaker side. Additionally, the initial decline in the price of Calcium Acetate was supported by a drop in upstream Acetic Acid costs in the Chinese market. However, the domestic Calcium Acetate market trend improved in the middle of the first quarter and persisted through the end of March, which was attributed to a modest rise in demand and ample stockpiles.

Furthermore, in the month of April, the prices of Calcium Acetate continued to follow a stable trend in the Chinese market with an increase in domestic sales and healthy transactions. Apart from weakening upstream cost, the prices for Calcium Acetate improved in April owing to enough inventories with the domestic suppliers and retailers that were able to meet the requirements for this month.

Besides this, in India, the prices of Calcium Acetate followed a downward trend throughout the first quarter of 2023; however, they witnessed a slight improvement in April. A certain factor that contributed to this weak trajectory until March included a continuous weak state of operation, demand on the market remained feeble, and sales of Calcium acetate were poor. Additionally, the manufacturer's quotation was lowered to stimulate shipments, and market transactions were light. The market lacked positive factors, and the price of Calcium Acetate continued to decline under the sentiment of uncertain buying up. As March concluded, lower upstream Acetic Acid costs further supported the negative market trend for Calcium Acetate.

However, as April approached, the industry showcased an optimistic trend. The quotation of Calcium Acetate from the manufacturers was increased, coupled with a positive impact of buying-up activities, resulting in better corporate trading and an upward trend in Calcium Acetate prices.

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