Calcium Silicate Market Faces a Decline as Europe and Asia hit by Demand Slump
Calcium Silicate Market Faces a Decline as Europe and Asia hit by Demand Slump

Calcium Silicate Market Faces a Decline as Europe and Asia hit by Demand Slump

  • 14-May-2024 3:46 PM
  • Journalist: Yage Kwon

In April 2024, the global Calcium Silicate market saw a downturn, particularly noticeable in Europe and Asia, largely due to subdued demand from the downstream construction sector. The price declines observed across regions can be attributed to various factors affecting supply and demand dynamics within the industry. In Asian markets, especially China, reduced prices were driven by sluggish demand from downstream industries despite favorable weather conditions for construction activities. However, global demand remained lackluster despite these favorable conditions. Supply disruptions on critical trade routes, coupled with geopolitical tensions and economic challenges in Europe, further dampened the demand for Calcium Silicate. Additionally, seasonal factors and decreased demand from the construction sector contributed to a decline in Chinese Calcium Silicate demand. Consequently, these factors resulted in price fluctuations, including a 3% decrease in Calcium Silicate FOB Qingdao (China) and a 2% decline in Calcium Silicate CFR Hamburg (Germany) in the European market.

The European Calcium Silicate market sustained a decline in April, following a similar trend from the previous month. This decrease in prices can be attributed to weakened demand, driven by slowing activities in the downstream construction sector amid challenging economic conditions. Moreover, the reduction in the cost of imported materials contributed to the downturn in regional Calcium Silicate prices in Europe. Despite ongoing challenges on the supply side due to disruptions in the Red Sea and geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, inventory levels remained sufficient, prompting market participants to lower prices. Additionally, the worsening decline in manufacturing activity across the Eurozone in April further dampened the demand for Calcium Silicate.

During this period, the Asian Calcium Silicate market underwent fluctuations, marked by price declines in China and an increase in the Indian market. The decrease in Calcium Silicate prices in China was primarily driven by weak demand from the construction sector. While construction projects gradually resumed towards the end of April in China, demand remained subdued compared to the previous year, characterized by slow project progression and overall muted prices. Factors such as funding constraints have impeded the start of new projects, prompting traders to exercise caution in undertaking new ventures. Additionally, a significant year-on-year decrease in real estate investment, coupled with uncertainty surrounding infrastructure demand amid the real estate downturn, has further weakened market support.

According to ChemAnalyst, the price trajectory for Calcium Silicate is anticipated to persist in its downward trend during the second quarter in both the European and Asian regions. The projected decrease in prices in the European region can be attributed to expected dull demand from downstream industries amidst economic challenges. Similarly, the Chinese Calcium Silicate market is anticipated to maintain a bearish outlook due to moderate demand and the possibility of elevated inventory levels.

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