Calcium Silicate Prices Decline in March 2024 Across Europe and Asia
Calcium Silicate Prices Decline in March 2024 Across Europe and Asia

Calcium Silicate Prices Decline in March 2024 Across Europe and Asia

  • 08-Apr-2024 6:37 PM
  • Journalist: Harold Finch

In March 2024, the Calcium Silicate market experienced a downturn, characterized by decreases in both European and Asian markets as demand remained subdued. In Europe, inquiries for Calcium Silicate from downstream ceramics and construction sectors dwindled, influenced by persistent economic challenges that dampened consumer confidence. Similarly, Chinese Calcium Silicate witnessed a drop due to decreased purchasing activities and continued low demand in the construction sector. As a result, prices for Calcium Silicate in European nations like Germany decreased by 1% CFR Hamburg, while Chinese Calcium Silicate declined by 1% FOB Qingdao.

During this timeframe, the decline witnessed in the European Calcium Silicate market can mainly be ascribed to a reduction in demand from downstream industries, such as construction and ceramics. Volumes have decreased, with both individual homebuyers and companies displaying reluctance to invest in new construction projects due to economic fragility, elevated interest rates, and rising building expenses. Weak demand across various supply chains continued to exert pressure on input costs, thereby influencing Calcium Silicate pricing. Despite some reports indicating increased transportation costs and delays stemming from disruptions in Red Sea shipping routes, the overall demand for Calcium Silicate remained subdued, particularly within the construction sector,  where there was a continual decrease in new orders.

The Asian Calcium Silicate market, particularly in China, in March 2024, experienced a decline in prices amid subdued demand from downstream industries. Additionally, the impact of late spring cold weather in East China resulted in abundant rainfall and low temperatures, delaying the full operation of mixing plants and construction sites, thereby leading to sluggish market demand and significant inventory pressure from manufacturers. Nevertheless, there were signs of improvement in the construction market, with China's construction index rising during this period. Despite robust demand from the construction industry, as indicated by the National Bureau of Statistics reporting a business activity index of 56.2 percent, a 2.7 percentage point increase from the previous month, Calcium Silicate prices remained low due to sufficient supply.

According to ChemAnalyst, the price trajectory for Calcium Silicate is forecasted to continue its downward trend in April in both regions, although a rebound is anticipated in May 2024. The projected decrease in prices in the European region is attributed to subdued demand from downstream industries, coupled with a reduction in freight rates, which could exert downward pressure on market prices. Similarly, the Chinese Calcium Silicate market is expected to remain bearish due to moderate demand and potentially high inventory levels.

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