CARBIOS and Hündgen Forge Supply Agreement for Pioneer PET Biorecycling Plant
CARBIOS and Hündgen Forge Supply Agreement for Pioneer PET Biorecycling Plant

CARBIOS and Hündgen Forge Supply Agreement for Pioneer PET Biorecycling Plant

  • 03-May-2024 3:14 PM
  • Journalist: S. Jayavikraman

CARBIOS (Euronext Growth Paris: ALCRB), a trailblazer in pioneering and industrializing biological technologies aimed at revolutionizing the life cycle of plastics and textiles, joins hands with Hündgen Entsorgungs GmbH & Co. KG (Hündgen), an expert in waste management encompassing logistics, sorting services, and recycling of recyclable materials from waste blends. Together, they announce the signing of a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding pertaining to the sourcing, preparation, and recycling of 15kt/year of post-consumer PET waste utilizing CARBIOS' biorecycling technology at its inaugural commercial plant in Longlaville, anticipated to commence operations by the end of 2026.

The collaboration will capitalize on Hündgen's proficiency and network in sourcing and preparing lightweight packaging waste gathered from households across Germany. This PET waste will undergo preparation into flakes, primed for biorecycling through CARBIOS' enzymatic depolymerization technology. This process yields food-grade PTA and MEG, which are subsequently re-polymerized into PET.

The collaboration with Hündgen significantly bolsters CARBIOS' feedstock requirements for its inaugural commercial facility in Longlaville, France. Once operational, this plant is slated to have an annual capacity of 50kt and is presently undergoing construction. This recent sourcing development complements earlier agreements, including partnerships with Landbell Group for procuring food trays from Germany and securing the winning CITEO tender for trays in France. Strategically situated, the Longlaville plant enjoys proximity to waste sources in Belgium, Germany, and Luxembourg.

Utilizing its enzymatic depolymerization technique, CARBIOS can handle a wide array of PET waste varieties, including those that are currently unrecyclable with existing technologies. This includes multilayered, colored, and opaque packaging waste, along with polyester textile waste, now benefiting from circular recycling solutions.

Emmanuel Ladent, CEO of CARBIOS, stated: "With our collaboration with Hündgen, CARBIOS has effectively secured the majority of feedstock supply for our inaugural commercial plant. CARBIOS' innovative biorecycling technology facilitates the conversion of various PET waste types, enhancing sourcing flexibility and ensuring price competitiveness compared to the high-demand clear bottles. Our successful local sourcing strategy underscores the significance of situating biorecycling plants near waste supplies—an expertise we are eager to share with our future license holders."

Christian Hündgen, CEO of Hündgen Entsorgungs GmbH & Co.KG, expressed: "Setting fresh benchmarks in plastic packaging recycling demands the advancement and application of innovative technologies, alongside the encouragement of cross-border collaboration. In this context, we are pleased to contribute to one of Europe's foremost initiatives in PET non-bottle recycling."

CARBIOS is a biotechnology company dedicated to developing and implementing biological solutions aimed at revolutionizing the life cycle of plastics and textiles. Inspired by nature, CARBIOS harnesses enzyme-based processes to degrade plastics, with a mission to combat plastic and textile pollution while accelerating the shift towards a circular economy. The company's two groundbreaking technologies for PET biorecycling and PLA biodegradation are scaling up to industrial and commercial levels. Operating since 2021, CARBIOS' biorecycling demonstration plant is already operational, and in collaboration with Indorama Ventures, the company is currently constructing its first industrial plant. Established in 2011 by Truffle Capital, CARBIOS has garnered scientific acclaim, including being featured on the cover of Nature, and enjoys support from prestigious brands in the cosmetics, food & beverage, and apparel industries to enhance the recyclability and circularity of their products.

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