Cellulose Ether to Remain Stable in Indian Market
Cellulose Ether to Remain Stable in Indian Market

Cellulose Ether to Remain Stable in Indian Market

  • 31-May-2022 5:56 PM
  • Journalist: Jai Sen

Delhi NCR, India: Following its trend for the last several weeks, the Cellulose Ether price is stagnant in its pricing. It’s been a long time since the Indian market witnessed any significant change in Cellulose Ether prices. It’s surprising to notice that amidst so much happening in the world, especially in countries which are major exporters of Cellulose Ether to India, the Cellulose Ether market is not experiencing any fluctuations. Although many are relieved that cellulose ether prices are not fluctuating, some retailers are curious about the underlying cause of this prolonged stability.

To know the exact cause of this consistency, ChemAnalyst researchers had been speaking with various manufacturers and traders; one of them confirmed that the price value of Cellulose Ether has not been fluctuating because of the continued stability in the price of its feedstock, Sodium Hydroxide. Sodium Hydroxide, commonly known as Caustic Soda, has been staying at its current level for several weeks.

Furthermore, the downstream demand for Cellulose Ether from the food and construction industries has been mostly stable for weeks, holding the price value of Cellulose Ether at its current place. In addition, the inventory for Cellulose Ether mainly exists at a sufficient level and adequately caters to the overall generating demand. The value of Cellulose Ether is steady in the Indian domestic market because of a perfect balance between demand and supply rates.

According to ChemAnalyst "The Indian Cellulose Ether market is unlikely to exhibit any major changes in its price value due to stable feedstock, Sodium Hydroxide price, and consistent demand from end-user industries,". However, continued war tensions between Russia and Ukraine may cause the cellulose ether market to turn differently because of rising energy costs, inflating logistic charges, and ongoing congestion on crucial ports.”

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