Charter Next Introduces GreenArrow Recycle-Ready PE Films for Confectionery Packaging
Charter Next Introduces GreenArrow Recycle-Ready PE Films for Confectionery Packaging

Charter Next Introduces GreenArrow Recycle-Ready PE Films for Confectionery Packaging

  • 24-Jan-2024 6:47 PM
  • Journalist: Nicholas Seifield

Charter Next Generation (CNG), a prominent provider of sustainable films, has unveiled an expansion of its GreenArrow portfolio, introducing a new line of cavitated polyethylene (PE) films. This development, achieved in collaboration with VOID Technologies (VOID), addresses the surging demand for recycle-ready films in flow wrap and confectionery applications. The films are designed to be compatible with existing PE recycling streams, contributing to the ongoing effort to enhance the sustainability of packaging solutions.

The utilization of VOID's patented VO+™ PE Voiding Agent Masterbatch, coupled with Machine Direction Orientation (MDO) film processing, has allowed CNG to create PE film structures that exhibit high performance, opaqueness, and recyclability. The adoption of MDO PE film represents a growing trend in the industry due to its recyclability and its ability to deliver flexible packaging with superior performance characteristics. With the integration of VO+ Masterbatch, CNG can now manufacture thin gauge voided MDO PE films that offer a unique combination of low density and high opacity, surpassing the capabilities of mineral additives like TiO2 pigments or CaCO3 cavitation agents. This innovation presents a distinct PE-based, recycle-ready alternative to conventional PP-based substrates, often requiring biaxial orientation.

Brent Greiner, Vice-President of Technology at Charter Next Generation, emphasized the company's commitment to sustainability-driven packaging solutions. The implementation of VOID's VO+ technology enables CNG to achieve specific goals related to opacity, ease of processing, and recyclability. This advancement empowers customers to reduce their reliance on virgin materials and facilitates the integration of packaging into existing polyethylene film recycling streams.

The VO+ PE Masterbatch is a critical component added to PE resin, generating nano and micro-scale voids that contribute to reduced density and heightened opacity through light scattering within the voided structure. VOID's latest VO+ PE Masterbatch product adheres to direct food contact standards in North America and Europe, meeting essential compliance requirements and recycling standards.

James Gibson, CEO of VOID Technologies, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with CNG, characterizing the company as highly innovative and forward-thinking. The partnership has resulted in the introduction of a new generation of recycle-ready voided PE films. Gibson anticipates ongoing collaboration with CNG on various projects that directly address sustainability and recycling objectives.

This collaboration between Charter Next Generation and VOID Technologies signifies a pivotal step in advancing sustainable packaging solutions within the film industry. The development of recycle-ready films with enhanced characteristics aligns with the broader industry's commitment to reducing environmental impact and contributing to global sustainability goals. The use of innovative technologies and materials not only meets the growing demand for eco-friendly alternatives but also sets a precedent for future collaborations and initiatives aimed at fostering sustainability in the packaging sector. As companies increasingly prioritize sustainability, partnerships like these serve as catalysts for positive change, driving innovation and reshaping the landscape of the film manufacturing industry.

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