Chevron Phillips Chemicals Commences Production of Polyethylene Using Recycling Technology

Chevron Phillips Chemicals Commences Production of Polyethylene Using Recycling Technology

  • 12-Oct-2020 12:00 PM
  • Journalist: Francis Stokes

Chevron Phillips Chemicals, a joint venture between Chevron Corporation and Phillips 66 in United States, has announced commencement of the first large-scale Polyethylene plant based on Recycling Technology. The advanced recycling technology is a superior approach that braces traditional recycling by transforming plastic waste to valuable liquids that can further give rise to a range of new petrochemical products. Polymers manufactured through this advanced recycling process are referred to as circular polymers as the process allows a successive recycling approach to produce new products. As per the company, the produced Polyethylene through this recycling process is equivalent in properties and safety specifications in comparison to the virgin Polyethylene. The successful completion of this circular polymer production plant is a huge steppingstone for the company to achieve its position as the leader in production of circular polymers. Supporting the commencement, the technical manager of the company stated that as this supreme technology permits the recovery of hydrocarbons from plastic waste, it will assist in providing the world with sustainable solutions for the welfare of complete humankind.



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