China Anhydrous Hydrofluoric Acid Gained in Value Amidst Seasonal Hype
China Anhydrous Hydrofluoric Acid Gained in Value Amidst Seasonal Hype

China Anhydrous Hydrofluoric Acid Gained in Value Amidst Seasonal Hype

  • 05-Jul-2022 6:32 PM
  • Journalist: Li Hua

Singapore: Overall, the Anhydrous Hydrofluoric Acid in the Chinese domestic market observes consistent fluctuations in the pricing trend throughout the second quarter of 2022, but the quotations gained significantly amidst the seasonal surge in demand from the downstream industries. During this period, inquiries from the downstream refrigerant industries usually soar across regions except for the part in the southern hemisphere.

Whereas, in China, the strict implementation of the COVID shutdown in the northeastern region has proportionally weighed over the supply outlook of Anhydrous Hydrofluoric Acid in the domestic market against the persistent inquiries from the domestic as well as overseas players. The COVID situation in Shanghai has also impacted the ports' operations amidst the restricted onloading and offloading activities and shipping cargoes diverted towards the other major ports causing port congestion. The port congestion and delayed deliveries have impacted the value chain, forcing the downstream players to search for an alternative. It's observed that several buyers are turning towards the domestic producers for the supply of Anhydrous Hydrofluoric Acid, pressurizing the domestic Fluorapar market.

In addition, retaliatory sanctions on Russia by the US and the EU, with the support of several other nations, have tightened the availability of Fluorspar in the global market, as the market players were hesitant to procure the Russian cargoes at the black seas. As a ripple effect, the Chinese suppliers benefited tremendously as the netbacks and export for feedstock Fluorspar soared during the mid-of the second quarter. According to the customs data, China exported 35,200 tonnes of Fluorspar to the US and the EU after the supplies were restricted from Russia.

As per ChemAnalyst pricing intelligence, the prices of the Anhydrous Hydrofluoric Acid observe a significant increment of +2.33% in the quotations offered by the producers in the Chinese domestic market. In addition, the COVID restrictions uplifted by the authorities catalyze the market and public movement more rapidly in China. At the same time, the inquiries from the downstream remain persistent while proportionally improving the producer's will to raise the quotations for Anhydrous Hydrofluoric Acid in the spot market.           

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