China Discovered a Super Large Lithium Mine in the Himalayan Range

China Discovered a Super Large Lithium Mine in the Himalayan Range

China Discovered a Super Large Lithium Mine in the Himalayan Range

  • 18-Feb-2022 2:48 PM
  • Journalist: Li Hua

The researcher from the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of the Chinese Academy of Science expedited in the Qing Tibetian Plateau had discovered a mega-Lithium mine in the Himalaya Jungargang area. The current discovery was estimated to be the third-largest Lithium mine in China. The large-scale display of fresh generation light granite in the Himalayan mountain range belt stretches over 2500 kilometers from the Southern edge of the Qing Tibetan Plateau 3000 meters southwest from the Himalayas.

In recent terms, Lithium considered being the modern-day ‘White Oil’ is an extremely rare white metal resource, and its growing end-use applications in the Electric Vehicles industry showcased a huge increment in its market valuation, especially after the COP 26 summit in Glasgow. Where almost all the global leaders along with their diplomats agreed to push the transition towards a greener economy after a tough round of negotiations and deals. The sudden shift in policies drove the Lithium market besides uplifting the demand for Lithium resources has increased dramatically.

China is a leading supplier of Lithium sources for Electric Vehicle battery components and after COP 26 the major suppliers observed several obstacles to catch up with the rising demand from the downstream sectors. Therefore, the Chinese players were consistently participating and seeking out opportunities to ensure the consistent supplies of the raw materials for Lithium sources. Previously, the Chinese manufacturer BYD wins a contract to mine Lithium in Chile.

As per ChemAnalyst, the active presence of Lithium in the Himalayan range will surge the participation of India and other neighboring nations in the exploration of Lithium sources in the region. The lack of battery raw materials were creating several hindrances to drive the fast-paced growth of the Lithium market in several major economies like India.


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