Cirplus Sets New Standard for Recycled Plastics, Boosting Quality and Cutting Costs
Cirplus Sets New Standard for Recycled Plastics, Boosting Quality and Cutting Costs

Cirplus Sets New Standard for Recycled Plastics, Boosting Quality and Cutting Costs

  • 15-Dec-2023 6:24 PM
  • Journalist: Patrick Knight

Cirplus, a prominent digital procurement platform based in Europe with a specialization in recycled plastics, has taken a significant step forward with the introduction of a groundbreaking standard aimed at enhancing the quality of polyamide-based recyclates. This initiative, developed in collaboration with the Institute of Plastics and Circular Economy and the Kunststoff-Institut Luedensheid (IKK), entails the creation of a digital product passport tailored for recycled plastics and waste, encompassing the entire value chain. The primary objective is to establish clear guidelines for waste classification, with the digital product passport adhering to the DIN SPEC 91481 standard. This comprehensive tool is designed for meticulous data collection and processing, ensuring a detailed documentation process from the raw material stage to the compound stage. The overarching goal is to maintain data quality throughout the product lifecycle.

Christian Shiller, the founder and CEO of Cirplus, has shed light on the challenges posed by variations in quality and price disparities between virgin and recycled plastics. These challenges, in turn, hinder the broader expansion of the recyclate market. Shiller has emphasized the role of standards in facilitating the use and procurement of recycled plastics, considering them a prerequisite for the scaling of the recycling industry. In this context, DIN SPEC 91481 is viewed by Shiller as a pivotal stride toward the increased digitalization of the plastics and waste industry. Its specific focus on providing clarity for polyamide-based waste and recyclates marks a significant contribution to addressing critical issues within the industry.

Professor Dr. -Ing. Hans-Josef Endres, serving as the Head of the IKK at the University of Hanover, sees the introduction of DIN SPEC as an opportunity for stakeholders embedded in the recycling value chain to overcome existing quantitative and qualitative barriers. Endres envisions this standard playing a crucial role in significantly contributing to the de-fossilization of the plastics industry. Furthermore, he anticipates that the standard will foster a more CO2-neutral recycling economy, aligning with broader sustainability goals.

Cirplus places a significant emphasis on the transformative potential of DIN SPEC 91481, particularly when combined with the extensive reach and user-friendly features of digital platforms. The integration of standardization and digitalization is positioned to drive a paradigm shift toward a genuinely circular plastics industry. This strategic alignment is expected to catalyze advancements in the recycling sector, underscoring a steadfast commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The implications of these developments extend beyond industry dynamics, representing a concerted effort to reshape the narrative around plastics and waste management in favor of a more circular and eco-conscious future.

The commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility is a driving force behind the strategic initiatives undertaken by Cirplus and its partners. The emphasis on standards and digitalization signifies a holistic approach to addressing challenges within the recycling industry. By providing clarity, fostering collaboration, and streamlining processes, these efforts aim to create an ecosystem that supports the transition toward a circular plastics industry.

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