Clariant Unveils a New CAOFIN Catalyst Production Site
Clariant Unveils a New CAOFIN Catalyst Production Site

Clariant Unveils a New CAOFIN Catalyst Production Site

  • 13-Apr-2023 5:19 PM
  • Journalist: Emilia Jackson

China: Clariant has recently unveiled its latest addition to its catalyst production facilities in Jiaxing, located in the Zhejiang province of East China. This endeavor complements its existing catalyst plants in Jinshan, as well as its catalyst R&D center in Shanghai, and is expected to bolster the company's traction throughout China.

By investing in cutting-edge catalyst technology, such as CATOFIN, which is used in the production of olefins like Propylene, Clariant aims to strengthen its regional presence and increase the proportion of locally produced goods in China's ever-expanding market.

In just 18 months from its ground-breaking in September 2020, the site received an investment of $88 million which led to it becoming operational last year. The plant has expanded its production capacity for the high-value catalyst at a time when the market is experiencing a rapid increase in demand. By increasing its production capabilities, the plant has positioned itself to meet the demands of the region more efficiently while also offering a closer proximity to its strategically important customer base.

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